AmpShare 18v Battery Sharing Platform

AMPShare 18v Battery Sharing Platform

The Bosch Professional 18v lithium ion battery has been the driving force behind Bosch Professional 18v cordless tools since the platform was introduced in 2008; but now, with the introduction of the AMPShare battery alliance, it has become a lot more versatile. AMPShare batteries are backwards compatible with all existing Bosch Professional 18v tools from the lithium-ion platform, but they don't only work in Bosch tools: they have been developed with a partnership of brands, including Fein, LED Lenser, Fischer, Ramset and Lena Lighting, all of who have incorporated AMPshare battery technology into their ranges.

This means that trade and industry professionals can now power a wide range of cordless equipment on site from a single battery platform - a convenience that comes with several advantages: less clutter means you get more storage space and more free power sockets, while having all your tools run on one type of battery makes it simpler to keep backups on hand, and a lot more economical to add or replace batteries and chargers when needed - a saving that benefits the environment as well as your pocket.

Currently the AMPShare Alliance consists of the Bosch Professional 18v range of tools, along with new products from AAT, BEPo, Brennenstuhl, Cox, Fein, Fischet, Forch, Honsel, Klauke, Kolektor, Kummert, LEDLenser, Leister, Lena Lighting, Mato, MK, PerfectPro, Ramset, Rexroth, Rothenberger, Sonlux, Signode, Strapex, Orgapack and Wagner.


Thanks to an ever-growing list of professional partner brands, the AMPShare battery alliance puts a world of application possibilities into your hands. This is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to build up your 18V tool bag.

ampshare high performance


Need more power? Within AMPShare, our high-performance range of ProCORE18V batteries offer extreme power for the toughest jobs and materials.

ampshare high performance


Superior heat management allows heat to dissipate quickly, extending the lifetime of AMPShare batteries and giving you exceptionally long runtimes.

ampshare high performance


AMPShare batteries are compact and lightweight to reduce strain and increase comfort, especially in strenuous working positions.

ampshare high performance


We have not only the fastest charger in the world* but also a wide range of chargers and multi-battery chargers.

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