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Wera Kraftform VDE Screwdriver Set 7pc Wera 136248 Kraftform VDE Interchangeable S/Driver Set 7pc RRP: 35.99 Our Price: 19.99 (inc VAT) View Details Bahco 80-Series Adjustable Wrench 3pc Set Bahco 8070/71/72 Adjustable Wrenches 3 Piece Set RRP: 122.35 Our Price: 29.99 (inc VAT) View Details Marples 8pc Splitproof Chisel Set Irwin Marples Spiltproof Chisel Set 8 Piece RRP: 167.65 Our Price: 72.98 (inc VAT) View Details
JACK 880 Universal Handsaw - Box of 10 Jack 880 Universal Hand Saw 20in - Box of 10 RRP: 179.88 Our Price: 64.99 (inc VAT) View Details Faithfull Multi-Tool Blade Set 7pc Faithfull 7 Piece Multi-Function Tool Blade Set RRP: 41.14 Our Price: 15.98 (inc VAT) View Details DeWalt DW088K Self-Levelling Cross Line Laser DeWalt DW088K Self-Levelling 2 Line Laser RRP: 480.83 Our Price: 134.95 (inc VAT) View Details
Lighthouse LED Inspection Light Lighthouse EINSP300 Power Inspection Light RRP: 17.39 Our Price: 9.98 (inc VAT) View Details Kidde Twin Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Set Kidde Twin Optical Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Set RRP: 41.99 Our Price: 19.99 (inc VAT) View Details Faithfull 10W Rechargeable Magnetic Work Light Faithfull Magnetic Rechargeable Work Light 10W RRP: 70.79 Our Price: 34.99 (inc VAT) View Details
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Have used Hamilton and Harris scrapers in the past. This is easily as good as the Hamilton (blades are difficult to come by) and better than the Harri...
FeeFo reviewer
this machine is half the the price of others the same spec ,for the price most impressed up to now
simon evans
Although a quality saw blade , it does not fit the hammer table saws , the 2 holes for the pins are not big enough , bummer ,
FeeFo reviewer

The Best Power Tools To Have

The wide variety of tool types and brands available on the market can make purchasing the right tool for the job rather difficult. Choosing the best power tool for what you need - and selecting the best tool for the job - can be complicated. By researching and comparing the tools before buying, you should ensure that you find the tool you want and that you’re happy with its quality.

Power tools can save you both time and effort when working on your construction, repair, or renovation job. They can help you do the job faster, more effectively, and up to a higher level of standards.

Here at My Tool Shed, we carry a range of tool types and brands to make sure that you can get any tool you need!

Types of Power Tools

Here at MTS, we pride ourselves on carrying the full range of tool types, so that you can get any tool you need for the jobs you have to tackle. We put you in touch with all of the tools you could need for any of your tasks. Therefore, we carry a wide variety of products and types to suit the wide range of applications you may need to solve.

Corded and Cordless

Power tools are most popular because they require less physical effort and save you time on your jobs. The electronic power of the machine does most of the work for you, making the task more simple. This can allow you to work a lot longer without needing to stop. Depending on your construction needs, you can get either corded or cordless products, which greatly impact the versatility of the tools and how you can use them in practice.

Corded products tie you to an outlet, while cordless products give you the freedom to use them wherever you need. The only limitation is how long the device will run without needing a charge. Depending on the demands of your construction, renovation, or repair job, you can choose between corded and cordless power tool options.

Electric vs Manual

MTS carries a range of both hand and power tools to serve similar purposes. Their products include saws, SDS & hammer drills, planers, angle grinders, nail and staple guns, routers, sanders, laser levels, rotary drills and mixers, screwdrivers, impact wrenches, plumbing tools, air tools, generators, and various other accessories that work with many of these products.

This range of products will meet the various needs your building applications require. While these tools are specifically designed for a clear purpose, there are a number of multi-purpose tools that can be used to effectively serve a variety of needs you may have.


Power tools are only as good as their materials, design, and construction. In most cases, this is largely reflected by the brand and the quality put behind these products. In order to provide the best tools, MTS carries the best quality brands in tool production and manufacturing.

In order to carry the very best tools, they carry top-notch brands, including Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Stanley, Bahco, and many more. These brands are recognized worldwide for their quality, reliability, and reputation. By providing the best brands available on the market, MTS ensures that our customers always have access to the very best tools for their needs in terms of both quality and variety.

Amateur and Professional

Here at My Tool Shed, we want to serve everyone. That’s why we supply both do it yourself and professional level tools to be able to supply products for all levels of projects. Depending on how serious or professional your task is, getting the right grade of tool will ensure that it performs up to the level of your task. This will help you get the best value for your needs while offering you the best products on the market.

Getting Power Tools at MTS

Tool shopping can be an intimidating process, especially if you aren’t familiar with tools in general. Not only are all of these products affordable, but they’re also reliable and perfect for any jobs you have around the house. Our range of tools offer safety, reliability, and high end performance. The selection available ensures that you can always find a tool and brand to suit your needs and that of your job.

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