Welcome to My Tool Shed. Here you can read our commitments to you... and our love of Tea!

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what we do

What makes us, us?

Behind the scenes, My Tool Shed is a family of tea-drinkers and tool-fanatics.

If a new machine hits the market, we know about it and we make it our top priority to bring it here at our lowest price. Not only are we scouting for the next best thing, we pride ourselves on offering such an extensive range of tools and accessories online. There are in excess of 25,000 products on our website to date and we just keep growing!

You'll find everything and anything from Power Drills to Cleaning Consumables, but every order is important to us, and no matter how big or small, we offer a service that is second to none.

Whilst we may not be able to put in the elbow grease on site, we will efficiently process your order, wrap-up your parcel and (for the majority of our products) we'll even deliver to you the very next day. ... i'll drink to that!