Wera Advent Calendar 2018


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Looking for the perfect gift for a Wera Tool Rebel? Look no further! The fourth installment of a fantastic offering from Wera includes a 9pc Interchangeable Electricians Screwdriver Set, a 9pc Interchangeable Bit Holder Set, a 4pc Hex Key Set and a Glow in the Dark Bottle Opener! 

All of this inside a lovely presented Advent Calendar!

Key Features

9pc Bit Holder Set

9pc Screwdriver Set

4pc Hex Key Set

Bottle Opener

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Product Description

This fantastic set includes:

1 x Textile Velcro Case

1 x Hook & Loop Fastener Strip 50mm x 120mm

1 x Phosphorescent "Glow in the Dark" Bottle Opener

950-Series Hex Keys

1 x 3.0mm x 63mm

1 x 4.0mm x 70mm

1 x 5.0mm x 80mm

1 x 6.0mm x 90mm

VDE Interchangeable Screwdriver Set

1 x 817 VDE Handle

1 x PH1 x 154mm

1 x PH2 x 154mm

1 x PZ1 x 154mm

1 x PZ2 x 154mm

1 x Slotted 0.4mm x 2.5mm x 154mm

1 x Slotted 0.6mm x 3.5mm x 154mm

1 x Slotted 0.8mm x 4.0mm x 154mm

1 x Slotted 1.0mm x 5.5mm x 154mm

Interchangeable Bit Holder Set

1 x 816R Ratchet Handle

1 x PH1 x 89mm

1 x PH2 x 89mm

1 x PZ1 x 89mm

1 x PZ2 x 89mm

1 x Slotted 1.0mm x 5.5mm x 89mm

1 x TX15 x 89mm

1 x TX20 x 89mm

1 x TX25 x 89mm

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