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Wagner Spraytech

Wagner Spraytech is a market leading manufacturer of advanced paint applicators and finishers. Spraytech products are used by professional decorators and DIY enthusiasts to prepare surfaces, apply paint and then clean up afterwards.

Wagner Spraytech products are available in the following three categories:

Paint sprayers

Wagner Spraytech paint sprayers make it easy to apply paint both inside and outside the home. These high-quality, high-volume, low-pressure sprayers can be used to paint ceilings, internal and external walls as well as doors and internal woodwork. You can also use them to apply varnish and other coatings to fences, internal doors and furniture.

Rollers and stain applicators

There are paint rollers and then there are Wagner Spraytech paint rollers. These SMART power paint rollers make painting ceilings and walls easier and faster than using a traditional roller and tray. Attachments are available as rollers for walls and ceilings, along with pads for decks and flooring.

Surface preparation

The quality of finish you achieve on your paintwork is often directly attributed to the time and effort you put into preparation. Wagner Spraytech preparation products make it easy to prepare areas for painting. They offer a complete range of preparation tools including heat guns, steamers and paint removers, that can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend prepping jobs.