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There are some products that are known first and foremost by their brand name and VELCRO is a classic example of such a product. This is due to the inventors naming it from the French words of ‘velvet’ and ‘hook’, with any similar hook and loop type product now generally referred to as ‘VELCRO’.

VELCRO tapes are now available in a wide variety of forms, enabling this simple but incredibly effective technology to be used to help make our daily lives easier.

Products include stick-on tapes, in various widths and lengths, or peel-off squares, and these are coated to avoid fraying when cut to size. These tapes are simple to use, with a peel-off adhesive backing allowing them to be fastened securely onto a wide range of surfaces.

Other popular products in the range include sew-on strips for attaching to clothing, bags and rucksacks; plant ties; adjustable ties and hanging straps. The hanging straps are particularly useful for storing objects such as ladders, bicycles, golf equipment and hoses, due to their durable and adjustable design, which allows those slightly awkward shaped objects to be hung in a tidy and space efficient manner, for example in a garage or a shed.