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The Trend Lock Jig is a Contractor Jig with Interchangeable Templates for use with a 1/2in Plunge Router to cut the Mortise & Face-Place Recess for popular door locks. 

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Product Description

The Trend Lock Jig will achieve fast, clean and accurate results on doors between 34mm & 58mm thick, even in hardwood.

Features Include:

- Most Common Sash Mortises & Dead Locks.

- Up to 3in Deep Mortises & 7/8in or 1in Face-Plate.

- Deeper Mortises (achieved using a suitable sized auger drill bit).

- Steel Plates & Body

Face-Plate Templates:

Template 1 : 22.2mm x 156mm (7/8in x 6 1/8in)

Template 2 : 22.5mm x 152.5mm (7/8in x 6in)

Template 3 : 25.4mm x 121mm (1in x 4 3/4in)

Template 4 : 25.4mm x 127.5mm (1in x 5in)

Template 5 : 25.4mm x 133.5mm (1in x 5 1/4in)

Template 6 : 25.4mm x 145mm (1in x 5 3/4in)

Template 7 : 25.4mm x 153mm (1in x 6in)

Template 8 : 25.4mm x 156.5mm (1in x 6in)

Template 9 : 25.4mm x 165.5mm (1in x 6 1/2in)

Template 10 : 25.4mm x 177mm (1in x 7in)

Template 11 Upper : 25mm x 57.5mm (1in x 2 1/4in)

Template 11 Lower : 25mm x 56.5mm (1in x 2 1/4in)

Template 12 : 25.6mm x 162mm (1in x 6 3/8in)

Mortise Lock Templates:

Template A : 16mm x 72mm (5/8in x 2 7/8in)

Template B : 16mm x 107mm (5/8in x 4 1/4in)

Template C : 19mm x 78mm (3/4in x 3 1/8in)

Template D : 19mm x 109mm (3/4in x 4 1/4in)

Product Specification

Minimum Door Thickness 34mm
Maximum Door Thickness 58mm
Outer Template Size 234.3mm x 59.8mm x 1.5mm
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What's in the Box

1 x Lock Jig

1 x Guide Bush Collar

12 x Face-Plate Templates

4 x Mortise Templates

6 x Spacer Fingers

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