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RIDGID tools have an illustrious and proud history of providing beautifully engineered tooling solutions to tradesmen across the globe, including those working in a variety of the harshest environments.

The reputation of RIDGID’s tools for being able to withstand extreme working conditions has meant that professionals who operate in harsh environments, including those where temperatures are an issue, or where dirt and mud are commonplace, have come to rely on these tools due to their seemingly invincible levels of durability and high levels of precision. This also indicates that the tools will cope easily with the everyday needs of DIY enthusiasts and trades people such as plumbers and electricians, working under less arduous conditions.

RIDGID are credited with inventing the modern pipe wrench and have expanded their range of tools in recent years. Their huge range includes pipe and bolt dies, basin tap wrenches, chop and cut off saws, multipurpose vices, pipe cutters, reamers, pipe vices, pipe wrenches, sabre saws, pipe threading and bevellers, pliers, threaded rods, strap wrenches, workbenches, tripods and stands, utility and control cabinet keys and welding vices.

They also produce electrical measuring equipment including digital and infrared thermometers, multimeters, laser levels and distance measures as well as inspection cameras and gas testing equipment. Drain and sink augers and cleaners are also included in the large range available on My Tool Shed.