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popular Rotary Power Mixers products

  1. Vitrex Power Mixer

    1400W Motor

    Mixing Paddle Size : 140mm

    Price £81.95
  2. DeWalt DWD241 Paddle Mixer

    1,800W Motor

    Mixing Paddle Size : 160mm

    Price £237.54
  3. Vitrex Power Mixer

    850W Motor

    Mixing Paddle Size : 120mm

    Price £64.80

3 Products

Set Ascending Direction

Rotary Power Mixers
Rotary Power Mixers

Whatever the mixing job, we supply the right range of tools to help you get the job done right first time, every time. A mains powered Rotary Power Mixer is far more efficient than a manual mixer, and we stock leading brands like Sparky and Vitrex that save you time and money on-site.

These practical mains powered rotary power mixers are less labour intensive than manual alternatives and ensure that products are perfectly mixed every time, including hard to work with materials. Our comprehensive range of robust and high quality rotary power mixers comply with safety regulations and are ideal for any on-site mixing job requiring a high end finish.