Batteries & Chargers

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DeWalt XR ToughSystem Bluetooth Job Site Radio - Bare Un
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DeWalt 18v XR Battery Compatible

DAB / FM Reception

Battery Charger

Bluetooth / USB & Aux Input

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DeWalt DCB115 XR Multi-Voltage Charger
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Charges All 10.8v - 18v XR Batteries

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Batteries & Chargers
Batteries & Chargers

Keeping your cordless tools operating all day long, is what gets the job done. So, it goes without saying, Batteries and Chargers are an essential part of your tool kit. To maximize your daily output always charge-up batteries fully and keep spares to hand.

The cordless battery has moved forward greatly since the first introduction of cordless tools. Now many cordless power tools run on an 18v Lithium-Ion Battery with longer runtime and longer service life. However, whilst 18v is the standard, it’s no longer unmatched. Unsurprisingly, Power Tool giants DeWalt have released a 54v version with 3 x the power and a clever backwards compatibility. This ‘FlexVolt’ battery is ideal for those working heavy-duty machinery in environments where access to mains power is scarce. Other big manufacturers are launching their own-brand equivalent and now the gap between the corded and cordless market is gradually closing.

Another ground-breaking innovation in batteries is the functionality of Bluetooth. It acts as a tracker so you can monitor battery-life, location and disable the tool when the day is out. This new technology, can be controlled from any android device and gives site foreman the power and access to many machines from the palm of their hand.

Chargers and Multi-voltage chargers are also great investment. The multi-charger allows to you charge a range of different amp batteries. Rather than buying a new charger for each one. However, some smaller chargers will charge a battery in as little as 30 minutes, keeping your down-time to a minimum.

It’s key to find the right battery and charger for your tool, so make sure you choose the correct brand and find one which is compatible to your machine.