Angle Grinders

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DeWalt DCG414T2 54v XR Brushless FlexVolt 125mm Angle Gr
100% of 100

2 x 6.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries

No Load Speed : 7,000/min

Electronic Brake

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DeWalt DWE4206 115mm Angle Grinder
100% of 100

1010W Motor

No Load Speed : 11,000/min

Anti-Restart Function

Price £79.99
DeWalt DWE4206K 115mm Angle Grinder
95% of 100

1010W Motor

No Load Speed : 11,000/min

Anti-Restart Function

Carry Case Included

Price £89.99

Angle Grinders
Angle Grinders

Explore our wide range of angle grinders both mains powered and cordless angle grinders, all from well-known tool brands. These versatile power tools have everything you require for your cutting, polishing and grinding needs. Variable in disc diameter; from 115mm angle grinders, 125mm angle grinder to 230mm angle grinders, these hand-held power tools have incredible power. Ensure you choose the correct disc size for the job in hand.

18v cordless grinders running from the 18v liion batteries allow the user to have far more freedom around their application. Cordless tools are a revolution in the power tool industry. When you work with an 18v angle grinder, the difference in working methods will become instantly noticeable. Similar to when this technology was applied to garden power, like the 18v liion xr hedge trimmers, being able to move with ease makes for a far more comfortable operation with less down time and cable management.

If you're stationed in a garage or workshop, then you may prefer to use angle grinder 110v or the angle grinder 240v. With a reliable source of power supplies and without the need for batteries charger.

Tool kits will benefit from a range of grinding discs. With various cutting discs you can tackle heavy duty work. With a smaller tool, such as the grinder 115mm, it is more versatile, lighter in weight and capable of operating at higher revolutions per minute to the larger models. Cordless angle grinders are still one of the more compact power tools out there on the market, making them ideal to carry on site and for your tool storage. As with all power tools, the expense is an investment. Trade's treat these as their livelihood and that's well-worth protecting. It's not a tool you can fit with a burglar alarm , door locks or protect under security lights. But keep it locked behind a reputable tamper-resistant lock in your van, or in your garage and keep the keys safes.

Generally, the more powerful the tool, the bigger the disc. Larger models have higher power and these angle grinders can be used for more heavy duty removal of material and deeper cutting. Teamed with diamond blades , the blade itself has a longer life span and the cut is more aggressive.

Angle grinders are used across various trades and for many different projects. They are everyday equipment for metal fabricators and on construction sites. In line with demand, My Tool Shed stock a wonderful selection of grinders powered with an electric motor. The first grinders ran either on petrol - like many chainsaws, as this was the only way to get garden power, or with compressed air. Technology has moved so fast in the last decade, 18v cordless is now the industry standard with the brushless cordless angle grinder seconding that. The benefit of a brushless motor is that is adjusts according to the task, the more resistance, the more power it draws and vice versa.

Cordless Angle Grinders

If you're new to this type of tool, it's best to test equipment out first and find the right one for your needs. Die grinders often running with air compressors, are an alternative to brushless cordless angle grinders. The cutting head is perpendicular to the drive shaft and the motor is typically a third of the size, around 1hp.

On the other end of the spectrum is XR FlexVolt. DeWalt put a whole new spin on the cordless industry in 2016. You can now get a cordless grinder that runs with liion XR FlexVolt. This uses a 60ah liion battery oppose to the 18v 40ah liion. An unprecedented step from DeWalt that has enabled these machines to drive more power, competing with the corded angle grinder 230v. Ideally operated in environments where the power supplies are scarce. To keep up with trends Bosch professional have attempted to match flex volt with a 36v range.

Whilst it's necessary to have experience and a basic level of training with this equipment, a good understanding of the tools features is also important as a safety guard to protect the user. Vibration control is apparent on many of the bosch gws range. Find out what level of handle protection is available and what you need, particularly for constant use. Slide switches are also a common feature, available on most models to set variable speeds. Changing blades is generally easy but can throw up some hazards. Disconnect the power first, if cordless - remove the battery as this will also make it lighter to manipulate. Then it's as simple as changing screwdriver bits or even light bulbs! If you're accustomed to working with multi tools then the process is near enough the same.

We stock a long list of reputable brands. One of our biggest collections comes from the bosch gws range, these vary from cordless to angle grinder 110v and angle grinder 240v. There will always be firm favourites from every manufacturer like the xr brushless 125mm angle grinder from DeWalt. In mini grinders other popular models include the corded makita ga4530r 720w, or the cordless equivalent is the makita dga456z. These have smaller bodies and lightweight frames allowing for more control on smaller precision work. All our grinders are available in both the corded and 18v liion lxt option. Preference is really down to the user and whether or not they are restricted with space, power or have already invested in liion ext.

It's no secret that these plumbing tools can get messy. Much like other trades, if you're working with paint brushes expect splashes of paint. If you're grinding metal expect a good amount of clearing up afterwards. With applications such as; pipe fittings, electric radiators, bathroom taps, central heating systems, radiator valves, towel radiators, underfloor heating or even underground drainage, expect to find debris.

A dust extraction guard is a good solution to this problem, collecting dust and offering cleaner air for the user. Be sure to choose the right power tool accessories to fit your model. Otherwise it's worth investing in a decent dust extractor fans of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner will appreciate the industrial level of suction. If you're outdoors, opt for a pressure washer to keep your work area clean. Expect a lot more mess with cordless tools over your hand tools, as they work at a much faster pace on material.

230mm Angle Grinders

Unlike the angle grinder 230v, cordless tools can be bought as a complete kits or bare units. If you're shopping for a body only, be sure to have the correct batteries chargers for your machine. Specific brands have their own compatible power tool accessories. 18v liion xr is the battery for DeWalt and liion lxt is for Makita.Liion xr flexvolt only works with xr flexvolt machines, however this technology is backwards compatible and will support the 18v angle grinder.

Cutting discs are a a little more flexible. You can find other branded grinding discs, flap discs and sanding discs in various disc sizes, that work with the leading brands. Build you tool kits with discs from experts such as Marcrist. Or choose brands like Faithfull, BlueSpot, FlexOVit, Black and Decker for a more flexible option at a affordable price.

This type of tool appeals to both professionals and home owners. From most manufacturers you can expect to find a selection of disc diameters; from 115mm angle grinders to 230mm angle grinders. Depending on your application find the one that works with your existing tool kits and plumbing tools.

115mm Angle Grinders

We have a good mix of brands to suit all budgets. We can match the price-tag and features of the erbauer eag18li 18v or even the mac allister brand with our cordless angle grinders. We will always offer the best brands online. Not just on our angle grinders, but more broadly across the whole range of impact drivers, nail guns, heat guns, rotary hammers, air tools and more.

Enjoy quality power tools from DeWalt, Makita, Bosch professional, Fein, Hikoki, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Einhell and more. We've been supplying corded and cordless angle grinders for many years and you'll find us on many manufacturer's dealer locators. It's easy to shop with us online, we have a mobile site much like a mobile app, that's straightforward and easy to use.

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