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  1. Evolution EVO230 Metal Cutting Trim Saw

    1750W Motor

    230mm Blade

    Max Cut Depth @ 90º : 84mm

    Price £210.26
  2. Evolution EVO180 Metal Cutting Trim Saw

    1100W Motor

    180mm Blade

    Max Cut Depth @ 90º : 55mm

    Price £114.95

2 Products

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Metal Cutting Saws
Metal Cutting Saws

We stock a selection of easy to use Metal Cut-Off Saws with excellent cutting capabilities for use in production and workshop environments.

Steel, aluminium, wood and plastic can all be cut with great precision using a high-quality Metal Cut-Off Saw, each designed with an ergonomic handle for increased comfort. High power motors enable fast work progress and a clean cut.

Specially designed clamping mechanisms with a variable mitre angle setting up to 45° allows users to achieve ultimate precision.

Metal Cut-Off Saws feature retracting guards, vertical clamping systems and a sturdy base for increased safety. Each Metal Cut-Off Saw is supplied with a robust blade.