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List Price £35.58
Our Price £26.41
Saving £9.17
List Price £53.36
Our Price £38.42
Saving £14.94
Black & Decker GK1000 Alligator Powered Lopper 240v
100% of 100

550W Motor

Bar Length : 10cm

List Price £150.92
Our Price £98.92
Saving £52.00
Black & Decker GL250 Electric Grass Strimmer 240v
100% of 100

250W Motor

Cutting Diameter : 230mm

List Price £35.00
Our Price £24.56
Saving £10.44
List Price £45.66
Our Price £31.78
Saving £13.88
Black & Decker GL9035 Electric Grass Strimmer 240v
100% of 100

900W Motor

Cutting Diameter : 350mm

List Price £114.16
Our Price £77.47
Saving £36.69
Black & Decker GLC3630L20 36v Grass Strimmer 2.0Ah Kit
80% of 100

1 x 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

Cutting Diameter : 300mm

List Price £258.77
Our Price £167.99
Saving £90.78
List Price £73.21
Our Price £52.72
Saving £20.49

Power Tools
Power Tools

We stock a huge range of power tools from all the leading manufacturers, including DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch. If you're looking for a high-quality power tool for DIY or trades purposes, why not take a moment to browse our extensive selection of tools to find the perfect piece of equipment to suit your needs and enhance your performance.

Making sure you're equipped with the best branded power tools means your DIY jobs will be completed much quicker and with the same finish that's expected of professionals and tradesmen. Traders looking for some of the leading power tools find it's much easier to compare different models when they're all available to view in one handy website - it's the reason we're such a popular resource for anybody looking to buy the best tools. Our wide range of power tools includes drills, saws, sanders, nail guns, glue and heat guns, plus much more. You can quickly and easily see the different specifications and prices for top branded power tools so that you can opt for those that best suit your specific job needs and site conditions.

If you're searching for the best cordless power tools, you will find that Bosch offer a large variety guaranteed to provide solid performance. The DeWalt collection of cordless power tools feature superb ergonomics, making them comfortable to use for long periods of time, plus you'll get an array of choice with this brand. DeWalt cordless drills are very popular with professionals and there's also a host of quality options at the bottom end of their range to suit home DIY enthusiasts who want budget-friendly equipment that still achieves a professional finish. Makita offer highly competitive prices on their cordless power tools and continue introducing new products to the market on a regular basis. Another firm favourite, you know you can always rely on Milwaukee power tools, and their cordless tools are no exception to this. You're sure to be impressed by the high quality of the Milwaukee range of 12V and 18V cordless power tools, which features all the basic essentials alongside a huge selection of speciality tools such as impact drivers and wrenches to suit the most demanding jobs.

When you're deciding what kind of drill you want you'll need to consider the different types on the market. These include drill drivers, SDS drills, impact drivers, hammer drills and cordless drills, plus many more. Drill drivers are one of the most popular drills on the market and vary in price from those that are adept at handling the simplest jobs involving drilling holes and driving screws to those with extra functionality like built-in flashlights and bit holders. At the other end of the spectrum, hammer drills are a more heavy-duty type of drill and can cope with more complex jobs like drilling concrete and masonry. SDS drills are also a heavyweight choice and offer the ability to take advantage of chisel action working. If you're looking to cut the time it takes you to mount or secure items, then an impact driver is the ideal device. They're essential pieces of kit when it comes to getting fixings straight into the wall without any prior need to drill holes first, making them perfect for extensive projects. Need more flexibility when it comes to drilling materials? Combi drills can be ideal for the trader, craftsman or DIYer who takes on any job, regardless of whether it involves drilling holes in metal, wood, concrete or masonry and driving screws. Bosch provide one of the best cordless combi drills on the market which is extremely affordable and packs a powerful punch to suit all kinds of applications. You'll also find that Makita combi drills are excellent for a variety of jobs and are extremely comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. If you're looking for robust and reliable drills at the best price, whether for home use or demanding trade jobs, My Tool Shed has you covered.

Check out our huge range of multifunction saws to find the best one for all your cutting requirements. You will find our range includes Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee and DeWalt power saws to provide the high-quality jig saws, circular saws and mitre saws you need for your business or home DIY. When you need to cut through different materials you'll find a jig saw is an excellent option, and there is a wide range of available blades to suit the material needing cutting. The best types of power saws will feature a very high number of strokes per minute, as they will be faster and more efficient. You should also look for a power saw with high wattage input levels, as these will be more powerful. Opting for a power saw featuring keyless blade change makes it easier and quicker to change blades when required. You'll find the right power saw at the most affordable prices when you check out our huge range of available saws.

Angle grinders are ideal for cutting metals, creating straight cuts on plasterboards and can also be utilised for cutting required shapes and angles. You can also use an angle grinder for polishing if you fit the right disc. Thankfully, we have a selection of quality angle grinders that can meet your requirements, at some of the most reasonable prices available. Wondering whether to go for corded or cordless? If you're a professional you'll probably need a corded angle grinder, as you'll discover they're far more powerful than cordless options. However, cordless angle grinders are ideal for portability and ease of use. Choosing a high-spec angle grinder is important so it can cope with everything from everyday cutting tasks to providing more versatility and power when it comes to cutting difficult materials like stone and tile seamlessly. But performance isn't everything - it's also important to base your buying decision on comfort and ease of handling if you plan to use the power tool for long periods at a time. You'll find that Makita offer one of the best compact angle grinders currently on the market, with high speed levels and a lightweight, ergonomic shape. Check out our wide selection of angle grinders to source the one that best suits your working requirements. Browse our entire range of power tools from DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch and other suppliers to find the equipment that best meets all your tradesman or DIY needs. We are proud to supply one of the most comprehensive lines of power tools to suit casual or professional uses, so you're sure to be impressed by our affordable prices.