Norbar Model 5 Torque Wrench 1/4in M/Hex 1-5Nm


Product Information

The Norbar Model 5 Torque Wrench is highly accurate with interchangeable 1/4in hexagon bits. (ISO 1173:1988 Form C drive bits). The Model 5 is non-length dependent, and remains accurate regardless of hand position.

Supplied in a storage case that allows space for the storage of additional drive bits and optional stepless ratchet.

Comes with a declaration of conformance to ISO 6789:2017.


Drive: 1/4in Female Square.
Range: 1-5Nm.
Torque Radius: 101.6mm.
Ratchet Teeth: None.
Ratchet Type: Stepless.
Length: 170mm.
Weight: 0.12kg.

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