When you’ve bought new tools, it’s essential to invest in the best possible storage solution to ensure they can give you the longest possible life-span. You can do this by operating them in the correct way and finding a suitable means of protection when not in use. Makita manufacture kit boxes called ‘MAKPAC’s’ and tool bags designed to store, protect and transport all of their own ranges of tools as well as accommodating similar sized tools from other brands.

Makita Storage

What are MAKPAC’s?

Over a number of years, new tool boxes have been introduced to the power tool market in various sizes. Not all have the capability of protecting in the harshest jobsite environments, resisting both dust or water.

Evolving from the first design – the MAKPAC Type-1, to the MAKPAC Type-4. This is an ever-growing collection of kit boxes of different dimensions and compartments, designed to house your tools in the best possible way.

The hard outer-casing is made from a tough and thick material that keeps what’s on the inside as safe as possible when exposed to the most demanding conditions on the outside.

These boxes fasten securely so everything stays intact, but what’s more, they feature clever interlocking latches that enables all of the MAKPACs, regardless of size, to lock together and be transported as one single unit.

Interlocked and stacked together makes great use of space. Perfect for fitting into tight spaces on the van or in the garage. But the big question is...

Can you transport all the MAKPAC’s at once?

Of course. They’ve thought of everything! There is a sturdy trolley available which, if you own several MAKPAC’s (a great idea for site managers and general builders with a range of tools), you can easily transport the whole collection to and from the job in one simple pulling motion.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a need for a trolley, rest-assure each box also has a strong, ergonomic handle with rounded grips which, if you’re lifting some of the most heavy-duty machines, this design is key to carrying a heavy load.

Inside the boxes, you will often find separate totes. This offers the user an all-in-one solution to transporting both the tool and the relevant power tool accessories to the job in one sweep. Keeping you both organised and prepared for the working day ahead. Being a removable tote means you can also take the tote out of the box and directly to the job for a quick and handy way of finding exactly what you need.

These toolboxes have become iconic in the industry because of their association to the brand itself. Consumers have realised the exceptional quality products within the power tool collection and have gained a solid level of confidence and brand-loyalty, therefore are choosing to store all their tools only in the same-brand boxes.

MAKPAC’s range doesn’t finish with storage, there are also cool boxes in the collection that look very similar to the kit boxes, yet store (and keep cool), a great selection of different size drinks – ideal if you have a thirsty work force! Stacking these boxes and then attaching them along with your tools is a simple and convenient way to transport both tools, drinks and maybe even a packed-lunch, to and from the job site! Perfect if you’re working long hours.

If you prefer soft storage, duffel bags are another great option. Lightweight to carry, makes them an appealing option for many inner-city workers who’d rather commute with something less bulky. Designed with a retractable handle so you can tilt the bag onto its side and along with the bottom wheels, transport smoothly along the path. The main internal compartment is designed to be roomy enough to carry a good selection of tools as well. Always ensure everything inside is packed safely as a material surface doesn’t offer quite the same level of protection as the tough boxes do.

Makita storage systems are universal and if you’re only choosing them to transport only tools, you can enjoy further savings if you opt for one without the inlay tray, well-worth considering this option if this have no use for these.

With a choice of sizes on offer you can proudly showcase your power tools professionally and kit them out with the best storage solutions available.