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Carrying a Makita torch to work is certainly a bright idea! It’s one of the smallest tools in your kit but could be sink or swim to getting the job finished. If you’re someone who’s work place and work hours changes on a daily basis, then preparing for any uncertainties such as late nights or dark environments, will pay dividends in the long run.

The power tool torch is quite a simple tool. It operates from the rechargeable lithium-ion battery so as long as you have one charged up in your collection, you’ll have everything you need to get it up and running. The great thing about working cordless is you don’t have to rely on mains power - so in the event of a power cut you will still able to carry on.

It’s a useful tool for many, particularly mechanics who may need direct light on car engines, under the chassis and anywhere light-levels are low.

There are slight variations of torches available, including ‘lamps’ and ‘flashlights’. The lamp uses fluorescent tubes which generate a softer and long-lasting light source, where the flashlight uses LED bulbs for a brighter spotlight.

Fluorescent tube spares can be bought separately, so if the lamp is something that gets a lot of use, it could be worthwhile stocking up in advance.

The ‘DML184’ is one of the most popular models of jobsite lights from this brand. It actually doubles up as both a lamp and a flashlight. In the lamp mode, it has a handy hanging hook to light up an extended work area offering a longer run time, but it can also be used in flashlight mode for a direct application. With the rubberized grip, it’s a comfortable piece of equipment for easy and safe handling. You’ll find the DML184 in many garages being used as a work light or carried by electricians who could be lifting up floorboards and working inside cavity walls.

If you would prefer an LED 18v cordless torch, we can highly recommend the DML182. Not only does it provide 160 lumens for a superbly bright light source, there is a 12 position pivoting head with positive stops from 60 to 110 degrees. This will ensure you can achieve direct spotlight on your chosen work area and can adjust the direction without moving the torch. The flashlight can be powered from either a 14.4v or 18v battery. If you opt for a 5.0Ah Li-ion battery it will achieve up to 23 hours illumination!

Whilst the head on the BML152 is seemingly wider than other torches in the range, dispersing a lot of light to your application, the torch itself weighs slightly less. In fact, the weight as a body only is only 0.36kg. A considered rubber grip ensures it doesn’t slip out of your hand, but in the unlikely event of being dropped, it’s robust design ensures a falling impact strength of 1m, to give you extra peace of mind in the bustling work environment. It has a 4-way adjustable head with catches at 0°, 45°, 90° and 110°. Busy workers will benefit from this time-saving action of directing the light without having to move the torch body.

All of these site lights come as a cordless and body-only unit. Cordless convenience is such a game-changer for most professionals and this method of working has been accepted universally, many will avoid retreating back to corded machines unless they really have to.

The torch is often the after-thought in the tool kit, yet it’s role is equally as important to some of the heavier-duty tools. That said, having a complete kit of power tools first does come with its’ benefits as you’ll have a good range of batteries available to power this one up. Equally, whilst it may not seem like the obvious choice to buy straight away, getting one before the dark evenings draw in will ensure you’re ready for anything. You can complete projects at home after hours. Skilled tradesman such as carpenters will appreciate working in brighter conditions as often intricate and detailed work deserves a steady hand and a good source of light to see exactly what you’re doing.

Whatever your trade, project or simply just having a tough torch for any eventuality, Makita have this covered with a great choice available at affordable prices. In fact, this is one of the cheapest products in the range and extremely gift-able if you know a DIY enthusiast who could find a good use for it!