For all your cutting requirements, no matter how big or small, you can be sure to find the right saw for the job from our Makita range of first-class power tools. Saws play an important role on the construction site, a home renovation or smaller DIY projects. Whether you need to make clean cuts, rough cuts, fast cuts or have wood, plastic or metal, here you will find a power saw that can do just that.

As much as any DIY enthusiasts will benefit from these great innovations, they are the tradesman’s choice. From a brand that always delivers, with a Makita saw in your hand you can be guaranteed to have reliability, power and performance. What’s more this manufacturer is continuously developing the range and introducing more power, better runtimes and new features.


You can choose between corded versions with consistent power, a lot of these are heavier-duty with a lot more guts. Or enjoy the convenience from the Makita saw 18v, which runs from the latest LXT platform of lithium-ion batteries. Brushless motors also give the cordless collection a lot more promise, ensuring the components don’t overheat and increasing the longevity of the power tool. 

Circular saws are one saw many contractors depend on. When choosing your saw, two important factors you need to consider are the blade size and depth of cut. The clever people at Makita have designed saws to run from as little power as the 10.8v CXT battery.

A great tool for general timber cutting is the Makita 5903R circular saw as it has a powerful 1550w motor with good size 235mm blade. It’s one of the most popular site saws with an almost 3” depth of cut.

If you’re looking to make precision cuts, then a jigsaw is a versatile machine to own. With the right blade, it can cut into wood, plastic, tile and even laminate. The jigsaw is not restricted to straight lines, you can follow any stencil or template and create custom shapes.

Our Makita 4350CT Jigsaw is mains powered and ideal for either the workshop or site. There’s a 720w motor with ample power and variable speed settings to give you better control. The base has a sturdy design, to ensure 100% accuracy when cutting.

Plunge saws are similar to circular saws, with a blade that cuts as it spins. However, a lot more accuracy can be achieved from this tool over the circular one, as this time - the blade is exposed and you can pre-set the depth of cut. The best way to get a straight cut exactly where you need it, is to pair this tool with a guide rail.

The Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Saw comes with a guide rail in the kit so you are fully prepped for the job in hand. As it says on the tin, the rail will guide your machine across the material for perfect glide and cut. Once you’ve selected the depth, it’s surprisingly quick to make the cut and if you’re working on several pieces you’ll be guaranteed accurate results every time. You can also make cuts into smaller work pieces.

Once you realise the potential of a plunge saw you won’t look elsewhere. Joiners, carpenters and kitchen fitters will rely on one of these on a daily basis. It’s capable of many different applications including cutting laminates, roofing insulation and doors – even when they are on their hinges!

Our last hand-held saw, designed for rougher cuts, is the reciprocating saw, also known as the sabre saw. Depending on your material, the choice of power with this manufacturer varies between 240v and 110v, to 18v and even down to as little as 10.8v. If you don’t know how a recip saw works, the cutting action comes from how the blade moves with a push-and-pull motion. Corded models are notorious for high power and high speed so they can tackle heavy construction and demolition work.

Power saws are essentials tools for many, and if you’re looking for a manufacturer who you can count on, then Makita is a brilliant choice you won’t be disappointed. There aren’t 100’s of saws to choose from, we’ve cherry-picked the best ones, with various features so you can narrow your choices down and find the right one for you.

If you go down the cordless route you can share your batteries across a range of compatible tools and our bare units will prove the most cost-effective option.