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Table / Site Saws
Table / Site Saws

Why Use a Table or Site Saw?

A traditional woodworking tool that comes equipped with a round blade ideal for breaking through wooden surfaces and splitting planks, a saw has many different purposes or uses depending on your exact needs or requirements. Providing additional efficiency, practical design elements and space-saving size in many cases, this piece of machinery is essential for many. 

Whether you're working in construction and require an on-site machine for cutting wood and similar materials; or you perform woodworking in your workplace and are in need of an automatic device to take care of part of your process - or even if you're a hobby woodworker - there are many reasons why you may need to introduce a table saw into the space that you work in.

In any modern saw, you can provide a great deal of control in the way you work with wood, from precise cuts at specific depths to only cutting wood to a specific length. This method of woodworking provides you with all you need to create wooden floorboards, cut raw materials down to size or simply create particular shapes for a unique design or item.

From the creation of furniture to the development of artwork and sculpture, there is a multitude of uses for a saw - and those with tables provide the extra stability you need for the cutting and construction of larger objects and materials, without the risk of the wood or blade slipping or moving during the cutting process. This is ideal for permanent locations such as factories or woodworking studios.

A site saw combines this practicality in a more portable format that makes it the perfect solution for on-site work, as the name suggests. Often created with foldable or removable legs and a base, this form of saw can be utilised in the same manner as a standard saw without the problem with moving a heavy piece of equipment once you've finished with it, or when you need to travel to your next job.

The Makita range of table & site saws.

Combining the practicality and reputation of the famous brand with a practical, elegant solution to the cutting of wood, for whatever purpose, Makita's full range of saws come with all you need to start wood cutting right away, complete with the control you need to perform even the most delicate jobs. 

Innovative and well-designed safety features make these saws ideal even for those still learning woodworking, while the stable design of both the table and site models provides the support you need for the cutting of even unusually large planks or wooden materials. Combined with the signature blue of the brand, these saws are sure to stand out in your equipment collection.

The MAKMLT100XL, in particular, provides a sturdy base and efficient design for table sawing, complete with multiple angle settings, a table and sub-table included, plus a 1500W Motor and 260mm Blade that is sure to make this MLT a powerhouse in your workshop or on site. Equipped with a simple-to-use design, it's easy to see why this machine is one of the most popular in the range. If you're looking for a workhorse of a device, look no further; the MAKMLT100XL can do it all for you.

Every machine within the range is equipped with well-tested, practically-created design elements to make woodworking even more manageable, from efficient and long-running motors to double insulated designs, as well as electronic brakes on many models to ensure optimal safety to anyone using the device at all times. 

Whether you're looking for a full size, sturdy system for use with heavier woods and larger pieces, or a smaller, more compact tool for use with hobbyist woodcutting, smaller furniture pieces or even for artwork and sculpture, there's something in the range to match your every need and requirement.

Who are Makita?

For use on building sites, in home improvement projects and for general woodworking purposes, the table saw and site saw ranges from innovative and expert brand Makita are the ideal choice. Perfectly designed to provide excellent quality cutting and control on a wide variety of different materials, whatever you need there's a machine to fit your purpose.

A Japanese business in origin, this brand has spread around the world providing tools to a wide variety of different locations, widening the specifications and different variations of each of the tools they create as and when the market requires them. 

As a brand, Makita does above and beyond when it comes to the creation of their tools, designing their products with the user in mind and utilising their decades of experience to ensure each and every tool they create is up to their high standards. This innovation and understanding of industry requirements ensure each tool is comfortable to use, has high functionality and has a robust lifespan.