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Sliding Compound Mitre Saws
Sliding Compound Mitre Saws

For dedicated cross-cuts, accurate mitre joints and outstanding performance - choose from our best selection of Makita sliding compound mitre saws. Over the years Makita have developed their power tool range to improve the way we work and cut our materials. With dust collection bags, greater cutting capacities and improved features to achieve smooth precision cuts with professional results.

What’s the difference between a compound mitre and a sliding compound mitre. 

A compound mitre saw is a fixed position saw with a blade that pivots only one-way for angled cuts. If you wish to cut in the other direction you have to flip the board. 

With a sliding mitre saw the cutting capacity of the saw is substantially extended. The sliding feature allows you to move the blade forward and backwards to increase the length of the cuts it can provide. The head can also be tilted to allow bevel cuts from left and right. You can achieve complex angled cuts and repeat cuts very easily. 

This manufacturer is committed to building machines of an industry quality. For the home-owner this means your tool is going to serve you longer and continue to produce a professional finish every time. It’s unsurprising that many DIY enthusiasts choose the Makita brand. This saw is ideal for handling common projects such as decking, fencing and mouldings with ease.

On every saw, there is a positive stop guide which is a set of pre-marked notches that let you lock in the material for common popular angles such as 90 and 45 degrees. This allows you to make accurate cuts quickly and easily.

Most saws are also built with a laser guide, projecting a sharp line onto the surface of the material you are cutting, which helps to make accurate cuts and saves you having to mark your wood up. A soft start feature will manage the intensity of the motor start up offering a more refined performance

This style of tool has been on the shelves and available to order as a corded version for several years. In relation to other power tools on the market like the drill-driver, it’s considered to be a more heavy-duty machine and therefore requires a lot of power to run it. Throughout every big woodworking project, it will also see a lot of usage. With corded you can choose from two voltages; 110v or 240v.

The pro with working corded means you can access to consistent power source with zero down-time. The con however, is if you don’t have a mains power outlet in the close vicinity, you’ll be restricted to where you can use it. Usually it’s helpful to be fairly close to the application itself because if you’re double-checking measurements there will be a lot of too-in and fro-ing.

If you are looking to replace your Makita chop saw, now might be the best time to consider the battery version. This will give you a far more convenient and portable solution. Working with Makita 18v has several benefits. It’s easier to transport to the job. No transformers, or trip hazards and with a decent dust collection feature, that keeps your work space clean, there’s no reason why you can’t be as near to your project as you need to be.

The DLS713Z works with the new LXT battery system. Rapid charging and longer storage lithium-ion batteries are designed to get you a better runtime. The saw is packed with everything you require to make fast and clean cuts for the most popular wood-working tasks. It has a 190mm blade diameter, capacities up to 52mm x 300mm, mitering up to 57 degrees and beveling to 45 degrees, this cordless mitre is one of the first in its class.

It’s light in weight, with two rams that extend, enable the sliding motion as well as keeping the saw compact in size. When you’re finished with this machine at the end of the day. The head locks down for an easily portable solution. 

A necessity in the hands of a carpenter, kitchen fitter, builder and furniture maker. Choosing the right makita miter saw will set you up for woodworking success.