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Wet & Dry Extractors
Wet & Dry Extractors

If you're working on a busy building site or a workshop, you will be all too aware of the amount of dust that gathers on a daily basis. High powered machinery used to cut a variety of materials creates an industrial level of debris, meaning that it is essential to have specialist equipment when it comes to keeping your facility clean and hygienic. Regular vacuum cleaners simply don’t have the power or the capacity to pick up industrial grade dust, nor will they be able to give your establishment a thorough clean. Wet and dry extractors are professional and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners designed to clear even the most substantial build up of dust – and are essential items for many businesses.

A range of professional vacuum cleaners for industrial environments 

Makita wet and dry extractors are industrial strength vacuum cleaners that are suitable for use on both wet and dry surfaces, and can pick up a range of dust and debris particles. A brand that is synonymous with high quality, the company offers some of the best and most advanced vacuum cleaners on the market, and an unrivalled range to suit various establishments – from small workshops to large building sites. We stock a range of wet and dry extractors, so if you are looking for a durable and reliable cleaner, you have come to the right place.

An affordable vacuum for everyday cleaning of the workplace

If you are working in a building environment or a workshop, and are unsure which industrial grade vacuum cleaner to choose, we can highly recommend the VC2012L. This is an ideal cleaner for smaller workshops, and is lightweight enough to use every day, or throughout the day when needed. It boasts a powerful 1,000 watt motor, which effectively picks up a range of L-class fine dust. Ideal for use with masonry, it has a fine filter to ensure maximum pick-up. Furthermore, its filter bag enables you to pick up a variety of dust and debris without damaging the filter. It also comes with a cleanable PET cartridge filter, which protects the machine’s turbine by holding in fine debris. Recognising the large amount of dust that can build up in a joinery workshop or building site, the extractor comes with a large 20 litre tank and 19 litre dust bags – which are sold separately. For further ease of use, the cleaner is mounted onto four wheels, with the front two being swivel wheels for ultimate maneuverability. 

A brand synonymous with quality and affordability 

Makita is a brand that has built its reputation among the trade over many decades. An aspirational brand in the workplace, it offers a full range of building and joinery equipment designed to help you complete any job with ease. Its unmistakable blue colouring and retro white lettering help make this brand instantly recognisable, such that it is now a staple on the building trade scene. Offering high quality equipment at affordable prices, the brand is an ideal choice for businesses of a range of types and sizes. 

Reduce respiratory problems in the workplace

Keeping your workplace clean and free from dust build-up is one of the most effective ways you can protect your employees against respiratory problems and infections. Working with materials such as wood, plastic and dry wall can take its toll on people’s lungs, so, as a responsible employer, you will want to take all necessary measures to keep your staff comfortable and healthy while at work. An industrial vacuum cleaner can dramatically reduce the amount of dust in the air and on the ground, and is suitable for picking up class L and M dust. 

Purchase your industrial extractor with peace of mind

Everyone in the building trade knows, replacing tools and equipment can be expensive. That’s why, when you purchase one of our wet and dry extractors, you can do so with peace of mind. All of our selection of machines are covered by a standard one year warranty scheme. And for extra protection, you can opt to extend this warranty to three years – simply by registering your request online. Your warranty is valid from the date of purchase.

Quick delivery, hassle free service

We offer a wet and dry extractor to suit all kinds of commercial establishments. Whether you are an individual trader operating out of a small workshop, or a large corporate company managing largescale building projects, we have the extractor to suit your requirements. Have a browse through our industrial extractor collection to find the one that is right for you. Furthermore, our speedy and simple delivery service will mean that you can start enjoying your equipment as quick as on the following day.