The power drill is a handy piece of equipment for everyone. Those who enjoy DIY at home will benefit from driving screws with an electric drill for both speed, efficiency and a professional finish. Whilst tradesmen rely on a range of drills every day for various lightweight and heavy-duty tasks.

Depending on your drilling needs you can be sure to find the right tool for the job from Makita. Their offering is continuously evolving to meet the demands of the industry. With such a big collection, you can choose from a cordless, lightweight tool built for straight-forward applications to much heavier-duty machines packed with power.


A drill driver is ideal for hanging pictures, building flat packs and general home improvements. Investing in this brand means you will not only get the job done well, you’ll also be guaranteed a longer life from this power tool. The DDF083 is a great example of a reliable direct driver. This Makita drill 18v has a 2-speed motor and 21 adjustable torque positions. The compact design is favourable for hard-to-reach places and the LED job light ensures you get the accuracy you would expect.

Prior to manufacturing power tools, Makita started as a company that specialised in motors. With several years of experience building and repairing these motors, they now have a solid understanding and appreciation for their importance and the role they play in power tool development. To put it simply, they know a good drill uses a good motor and will always strive to give you the best one possible.

By sourcing raw materials of a superior quality, they can make the components of every tool to the highest possible standard. They are proud of how far their brand has progressed. One of their biggest accomplishments in recent times is the Makita drill Brushless. With new brushless technology in your power drill it guarantees a much longer motor life.

The combi drill also satisfies home DIY enthusiasts, but it’s designed as a more robust tool to handle harder surfaces including concrete or stone. So depending on your level of experience and the project in hand, it may be a worthwhile investment over the standard driver. It still has the forward drilling function, but there’s also a hammering action allowing you to make light work of potentially difficult jobs. From this range, we would recommend the DHP482RM1, an 18v cordless drill with a 2-speed motor, so you can control the level of output and preserve the battery life. With 11 adjustable torque positions, it’s easy to get the right level of torque for your application.

If you’re working in construction, the likelihood is, you will already own an SDS or SDS+ drill. The rotary and rotary hammer drill is the ideal tool for demolition projects and coarse materials. But if yours packs up or you are looking to re-invest in a trade-trusted brand with a brilliant reputation, Makita are at the forefront of technology and won’t let you down.

We have both corded and cordless options available from this manufacturer. A Makita sds drill 240v or 110v is great for a constant and reliable power output however, new Makita sds brushless drills are also built for exceptional high performance, yet work off the Li-ion platform which can offer the user more flexibility and freedom. 

Never satisfied that their power tools have reached the final stages of development, they will strive to give the user something better each time. The 36v (twin) battery is a typical example of how they’ve moved their manufacturing forward. Creating 36v SDS drills that operate from double the battery load has two main benefits to the user. They can use their existing 18v batteries will any of these tools and they can work with double the voltage to compete with the corded counterpart.

The percussion drill is a specialist tool for those who require a high-power motor packed into a slender body. Our HP2071F is a corded drill that delivers with a 1010w motor. Suited to steel, wood and masonry, it’s an essential all-rounder for pro’s.

We can offer a drill solution that works best for you. You can choose a drill as a body only unit. This means you don’t get the battery or charger, but if you already own the kit from this brand, then you’ll make a decent saving without the need to buy something you don’t have a use for.

Otherwise we can offer these as a kit – the battery size can vary so look for what’s on offer. Typically, there will be a 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah included. Twins are another great way to save. Usually you’ll get a combi drill and driver together as both tools complement one another. But, if you’re looking to go pro, why not treat yourself to a 6-piece kit. A drill-driver plus 5 more excellent tools to tackle bigger jobs. And of course, you can enjoy even better value for money.