Makita outshine over other brands on the market with their premium range of power tools that have been serving the construction industry for over 100 years. The collection has developed incredibly over the last 20 years as technology has moved the tools into the era of cordless and brushless motors, technology that has made huge advances to the end-user and the longevity of the tool.

Supplying tools to the trade and meeting the expectations of different skill sets, there is something in their portfolio for everyone, from carpenters, to electricians, mechanics and general builders. Many professionals favour this manufacturer over the competition and choose to build their platform on the makita LXT battery.

Drill Kits & Twin Packs

Now you can enjoy even bigger savings when you choose to shop for a makita twin pack or larger power tool kit. These are packed with everything you may require to get each individual tool set up and running. From lithium batteries, to fast chargers and robust storage solutions such as the makpac tool box. They truly are excellent value for money, when you tally up the tools as single units you’ll soon realise the price difference and those with astute business minds will appreciate the extra change in their pockets. 

Some kits have been designed to honour a particular trade or suit a style of work, for example there’s a woodworking kit, where the range of tools included are designed specifically for working with this raw material, with a combination of saws, planers and drills. Or how about a construction twin pack? This entails an SDS-plus Hammer and a Combi Drill – great for drilling into tougher materials. Hobbyists and homeowners may look to invest in a multi-tool and combi drill kit - which gives them lots of potential uses at home for DIY projects.

A best-selling combination kit at My Tool Shed is the DLX4051PM1. The beauty of this one is that it’s a 4 piece kit. There are very few smaller kits like this available, the most common combination kit is the makita 6 piece cordless kit. With a variety of tools from the makita lxt range, the mix of four 18v tools are best suited to construction and general building work. It includes the popular DHP482 Combi Drill, along with the DJV180 Jigsaw, DGA452 Angle Grinder and a handy 18v Torch or site light. All of the kit is powered from the 4.0Ah Li-Ion batteries which provide a good level of power and runtime to the equipment. This unique kit is stored in a soft duffel style bag. This storage solution has extra padding on the handle and can even be carried using the shoulder strap for a convenient means of transportation.

Many of you savvy shoppers have learnt to build your own makita kit using our extensive range of bare units. Again, this is another cost-effective way to get as many power tools you require and only order the exact parts you need. Of course, as it’s a naked unit you will need to order batteries separately however, it does allow you to be more specific to your trade and this flexibility is also ideal if you need to replace one of the tools from your kit.

Kits and twin packs are the ultimately the user’s preference. Experienced tradesman will have learned that carrying a good selection of tools on the job is the best way to be prepared for what lies ahead. Projects are often unpredictable and more often than not, what looks like a straight forward job, unfortunately isn’t. Our biggest tool kits offer the widest range of tools and will always come with adequate storage solutions that will house everything that the kit includes. This means you can quickly pack everything into the boxes provided and take along with you to the job.

If you’re a serious apprentice or labourer who wishes to build their career in this industry, you’ll benefit from investing in a premium brand now, buy here and you only have to buy once. You’ll also experience first-hand the difference when you handle any one of these superior cordless power tools. Reliability is key with any tool and when you gain this level of trust with Makita, you won’t look want to look elsewhere.

Performance and power - the range has it all. Achieving a professional finish is what makes a tradesman stand out in his class. With the iconic turquoise tools you’ll not only prove to your peers you’ve got what it takes, as a brand that is accessible to all now, this well-known brand will also gain you recognition and confidence with your customer. There really isn’t any quicker way to become a member of this growing tool fan club, than to shop for all your Makita tool kits cheapest price online at My Tool Shed.