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Batteries & Chargers
Batteries & Chargers

Makita cordless tools have revolutionised the working style and productivity of many tradesman and professionals. A battery-operated power tool is now the tool-of-choice for many home DIY or renovation projects, as technology has moved the rechargeable battery into a new era, bridging the gap between capabilities of both corded and cordless.

The biggest benefit for the user is the freedom of movement. Cords add restriction. Whether that’s simply the length of the cord or being refined to a particular work-space as it’s the closest outlet for mains power. Transformers do offer some assistance to gaining portable access to power, but they are lumpy, heavy and awkward to carry on and off site.

Initially when cordless was first introduced it was thought that NiMH (nickel metal hybrid), was the solution for rechargeable tool batteries having served other electrical products on the market. However, with all development - it’s tested and re-thought, and it was soon recognised that the Lithium Ion battery out-performs the NiMH, as it proves to the user it can charge quicker, store more energy and weighs significantly less. The next line of tools produced by Makita were designed to work with the Li-Ion battery and from this range you can expect to find a wealth of Ah – from 1.0Ah to 5.0Ah, and the collection is still growing.

Runtime is hugely important to anyone who uses tools for their livelihood. Getting the most from your power tool and not having to quit, stop and wait for a charge makes a big difference to your working day. If your battery lasts as long as the job, then you’ve certainly planned well.

It’s an almost impossible task calculating or predicting how many batteries you’ll need on an average day, impossible to calculate the power of the tool versus how much you’ll need to use it as many of their machines have speed settings, vamp them up and you’ll drain more energy from the battery. But these things are necessary for a professional and there’s no point getting too hung up on battery life. The way to out-smart and be prepared is to carry fully-charged Makita spare batteries in your van or tool box and have them available as or when you need them. When you’ve had a tough day, then there’s another time-saving solution and that’s the fast or rapid chargers. Designed to have your tool battery fully-charged in as little as 20 minutes.

Currently on the market are two types of batteries; CXT and LXT. CXT otherwise known as ‘Compact Extreme Technology,’ are multi-slide contact batteries with high capacity cells. These are designed to power their 10.8v tool range and are available in 1.5Ah, 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah.

In addition to the CXT series is their LXT advantage battery collection. Standing for ‘Lithium Extreme Technology.’ These are fast-charging batteries and serve the heavier-duty tools. In combination with the brushless motors and the rapid optimum charger, this is the most powerful recipe to tackle the most demanding jobs.

‘Ah’ is short for ‘Ampere Hour’. For tough jobs, we recommend using a higher Ah. The innovation of cordless tools has inspired a heavy-duty range of outdoor gardening equipment, these machines run from two 18v batteries that slide in for dual 36v of power. Two batteries are certainly better than one, they pack a lot more power to match the corded equivalent and their runtime is suitable for the typical jobs you’d be expected to work on with this type of tool.

If you’re buying your equipment from this prestigious brand, then you’ve chosen wisely. Makita are one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry as they’ve been developing, innovating and serving the building community for almost a century. They are used around the World and instantly recognised on site for their turquoise blue-colouring.

Kits from this company are packed with all the components needed to work the tools. Therefore, if you’re choosing a twin pack or six piece kit you’ll be provided with ample batteries and chargers required to get you moving. However, if you’re shopping preference is to buy bare units, which is considered a cost-effective route for the loyal fans, then be sure to have the correct batteries and a charger to hand to keep you powered for longer. Multi-chargers are a brilliant time-saving option as they can charge up to 3 batteries at once.

When you choose to stay loyal with Makita, you can build up a complete cordless system to grow your collection of tools.