Also known as a side grinder or disc grinder, the Makita angle grinder is a handheld power tool used for grinding, abrasive cutting and polishing. Considered as a workhorse for many builders, mechanics and masons and favoured by welders, stone carvers, fabricators and plumbers. Once equipped with one of these powerful tools you’ll be able to polish, grind and achieve fast cuts into hard materials such as metal, tile, stone, concrete or masonry.

We can make your job easy, by helping you to find a Makita 18v grinder that packs the power and performance for the most demanding jobs. There are several choices available online to serve your cutting, polishing and grinding needs.

Angle Grinders

This hand-held tool is often mistaken to not have the power you would expect, but let us settle this misconception by explaining to you that during a grinders operation, the disc makes anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 revolutions per minute.

As a rule of thumb, generally the more powerful the tool, the bigger the disc. Larger models can be used for more demanding heavy-duty removal of material and deeper cutting. 

We also offer the DIY user and skilled tradesperson the option of a mini grinder available in a variety of sizes including; 115mm, 125mm, 180mm and 230mm. These have compact bodies and are much lighter to carry allowing for more control on smaller precision work.

Preference is really down to the user, and whether they are restricted with space, power or have already invested in the cordless platform. 

Things to consider when purchasing a new machine is the load speed and the wattage. The Wattage relates to the measurement of power, whilst the load speed is how many times the disc rotates per minute.

We can’t recommend enough one of our best-selling 180mm angle grinders; the GA7020. A lot of power is expelled with the 2000w motor as it rotates the disc at 8,500/min. It’s also regarded as a well-balanced machine with a softer-grip handle for longer periods of use. This grinder is available in two options; 110v and 240v. The GA7020 is popular with scaffolders, engineers and welders for the reliability of the corded power. 240v works better with mains power whilst the 110v is ideal for construction sites. It may not fulfill your goals in terms of searching for a Makita cordless grinder, but a lot of the 18v tools are concentrated towards the smaller disc diameter end of the range.

Investing in new power tools doesn’t necessary have to be expensive. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with some of our price-tags. The GA5030R is a 125mm angle grinder priced reasonably under £70. Despite it’s smaller bore size, the 720w motor is capable of achieving a load speed of 11,000/min. At only 1.8kg this particular model is lightweight and extremely comfortable to handle, in addition it is fitted with the best possible barrel grip, accommodating any user’s hand with ease.

 With the mini series there are huge benefits to be gained. The littlest of the range is the 115mm disc grinder. DGA452Z is an 18v brushless angle grinder. This is a sought-after tool because it gives you the flexibility and convenience of cordless like no other. Superb handing because of its size with an 8,500/min load speed.

What’s more this tool has a new feature called, ‘Extreme protection technology’ this means the grinder is specifically designed to be used in outdoor applications and will handle harsh work environments.

Makita are at the top-end of the food chain when it comes to power tool manufacturing. They’ve got the wisdom and backing of 100 years developing and they came from an engineering background repairing motors, so they have lived and breathed tool mechanics longer than a lot of us have lived.

With a portfolio that dates back this far, they have always evolved their offering by re-examining their current tools and looking for ways to improve them. Often, they are the first ones to market with their innovative ideas and they take no gamble in their success, as their rigorous and strict testing policies leaves no room for error. 

Designed for construction sites, metal workshops or repair garages, these grinders see use on a daily basis. Cutting sheets, rods, bolts, stone or even ceramic. It’s even possible to clean off rust or old paint from metallic surfaces. Whatever your grinding, cutting or polishing demands, Makita have the right size grinder to make the job as efficient as possible.