A premium manufacturer in the world of tools, Makita have been developing high grade power tools for many, many years. Originating in the manufacturing and production of electric motors, they’ve built both their business and successes from this practice in engineering with what essentially is the back-bone of all power tool development. Their range expands across several industries and trades and is desirable for professionals looking to make a stamp on their projects and affirm their reputation. Construction is a large part of their market and they are able to serve some of the most demanding industries with their heavy-duty equipment. One of the recognised elements of this manufacturer is their ability to pass down the technology from their high-end tools to their more basic machines to give the best level of performance to a platform of machines that are accessible to everyone.

Makita Power Tools

Makita 18v cordless power tools are the most sought-after products for tradespeople looking for the right balance of power and performance. Working cordless is an accepted way of working now and once you have enjoyed the freedom of the battery-power it’s hard to return to corded.

One industry whom have benefitted greatly from the LXT Lithium-Ion batteries is the gardeners and landscapers. Operating a hedge trimmer 20ft away from the house and a power source, or a lawn mower across a few acres of grass is a hardship with the cord and extension lead. As part of the development of their outdoor equipment, Makita have doubled up the battery load on some of their newest products so the user gets 36v of power which is proving to be a game-changer and strong competition to the predecessors.

All the way from the standard Makita drill to a petrol disc cutter, there’s something here for everyone. Specialist trades will enjoy the diversity of what’s on offer. Typically, there will be a selection of tools in each category to choose between, suiting your needs, your budget and your aspirations.

Trade-trusted for many reasons, but reliability being the key. Once you’ve tried and tested the equipment you’ll be hooked on the brand and eager to build up your tool kit from this esteemed supplier. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes will give you complete buying confidence. When they design and develop every new tools, there is a strict procedure of rigorous tests that each tool needs to surpass, before it can launch to market. They are compliant to the ISO 9001 quality standards and every power tools is covered with 1 year warranty which can be extended up to 3 upon product registration.

From the heart of Japan, they are innovators and they are never satisfied with today’s standards, continually finding ways to improve their range, the features, the technology and overcome any weaknesses. An example of this, comes with the introduction of the Brushless Motor.