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  1. Makita DUH523Z 18v LXT Hedge Trimmer - Bare Unit

    Cutting Capacity : 15mm

    Blade Length : 52cm

    List Price £133.20
    Our Price £69.95
    Saving £63.25
  2. List Price £429.60
    Our Price £119.99
    Saving £309.61
  3. Makita DUB183Z 18v LXT Blower - Bare Unit

    Air Volume : 2.6m³/min

    Air Flow : 52m/s

    List Price £93.60
    Our Price £44.99
    Saving £48.61
  4. List Price £8.16
    Our Price £4.50
    Saving £3.66
  5. Makita DUH551Z 36v (Twin 18v) LXT Hedge Trimmer - Bare Unit

    Cutting Capacity : 18mm

    Blade Length : 55cm

    List Price £274.80
    Our Price £99.95
    Saving £174.85
  6. List Price £430.80
    Our Price £129.95
    Saving £300.85
  7. List Price £612.00
    Our Price £179.99
    Saving £432.01
  8. Makita DUR365TJ 36v (Twin 18v) LXT Brushcutter 3.0Ah Kit

    2 x 3.0Ah Batteries

    Cutting Diameter: 350mm

    Battery Fuel Gauge

    List Price £612.00
    Our Price £279.95
    Saving £332.05
  9. Makita EA3201S35B Petrol Chainsaw

    32cc Petrol Engine

    Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.3L

    Bar Size : 35cm

    List Price £307.20
    Our Price £223.70
    Saving £83.50
  10. Makita DUB362Z 36v (Twin 18v) LXT Brushless Blower - Bare Unit

    Air Volume : 6.9 - 13.4m³/min

    Air Flow : 27 - 54m/s

    List Price £315.60
    Our Price £109.99
    Saving £205.61
  11. Makita HW121 Pressure Washer 240v

    1800W Motor

    Max Pressure : 130 BAR

    Flow Rate : 390 litres/hour

    List Price £339.60
    Our Price £216.43
    Saving £123.17
  12. Makita DUR364TJ 36v (Twin 18v) LXT Grass Strimmer 3.0Ah Kit

    2 x 3.0Ah Batteries

    Cutting Diameter : 350mm

    Battery Fuel Gauge

    List Price £360.00
    Our Price £234.95
    Saving £125.05

Displaying 1-12 of 23 Products

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Makita Garden Tools
Makita Garden Tools

Many home owners are seasonal gardeners and react to the changes in weather and appearance of their garden after a spell of rainfall or hot weather. A tool shed or garage is a great place to store your outdoor equipment, but if it doesn’t get a lot of use over the year it can often become a challenge to get it up and running again. And of course, a busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow us the time to get a solid day’s work outdoors and often, if we neglect our shrubbery, at least a day’s work is what is required to get everything back into shape.

It’s a lot easier to find the motivation to spruce up the garden when we have an event to plan for. Characteristically, we are inspired to tidy up our garden when the Summer season is pending and there’s a demand to get things in order. Whether that’s because you want to break out the BBQ or entertain a small garden party. It will however, pay dividends, if you can find the time to devote a bit of your elbow grease - little and often to the outdoors before this time approaches and with the right tools in hand, those hours will turn into minutes and you’ll benefit from a much easier to maintain landscape – and your hard graft will pay off so it will all feel worthwhile.

Makita are not the obvious choice when considering which outdoor tools to buy, as their range is relatively new. Other household brands like Bosch and Black and Decker have been dominating the market for a lot longer. However, they are a manufacturer with years of experience and knowledge in designing tools for professionals, and have realised a niche in the market for gardening equipment that is powered using the same technology as these high-performance power tools.

The desire to develop gardening equipment was born as they realised their customers were not only builders, carpenters and so forth, they are also professional garden landscapers and contractors and they have already built a loyal relationship with the brand. Recognising this demand, they first launched a core range of chainsaws and blowers for outdoor clearance projects and then gently introduced lawnmowers, strimmers and brushcutters to their portfolio for the everyday users.

Most of their outdoor gardening equipment works from the cordless platform. Targeting the tradesman who already have access to a large volume of lithium-ion batteries, the cord-free way of working is one of the best for this style of project, reaching the depths of the back yard without having to navigate with a long lead or un-tangle cables as you move around.

As technology has moved forward, the run-time from a li-ion slide battery is ever increasing. With some machines, they are even powered with 2 batteries to ensure maximum power outage and enough time to get the job done off a single-charge.

There are still petrol-powered units in the collection and these, whilst slightly noisier, will remain a staple for some, especially as they are known to be a reliable tool to work with.

The DUH551Z is a great example a machine that runs with the dual-battery. It’s a Makita cordless hedge trimmer 36v with optimum power and a good sized 550mm blade. How this compares with a petrol equivalent is it has extremely low noise level which is ideal for those that may need to fit in the gardening around a busier lifestyle and choose to garden late on a Summer’s evening. Safety features are paramount with all outdoor equipment, especially one with a blade of this size, the plastic shield between the handle and blade aids protection, as does the ergonomically designed handle that ensures a comfortable lift. When you choose a Makita hedge cutter, you won’t be disappointed.

Gardening can be enjoyable and very rewarding. If, however, you’re not as green-fingered as your neighbour and have left things to go wayward, we highly recommend choosing a powerful tool to get this rectified quickly and effectively. Chainsaws are great for scaling back stray branches. The UC3541A is a makita chainsaw electric, powered with an 1800w motor that makes light work cutting through the toughest of materials.

Even though they’re stamped with a high-end brand logo and put together by experts, they are tools which are accessible to everyone. Working from the 36v DC platform oppose to electric or petrol will give you so much more flexibility in your garden. You can access hard-to-reach places and get started on projects instantly with just a click of a button. Whilst they are not best-known for their gardening power tools, their reputation exceeds them and once you have used one of these machines you won’t look back.  Time to get ahead of the game and find your inner gardener with first-class tools from Makita.