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Socket Sets
Socket Sets

Buying tools and accessories from Makita is one way for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson to benefit from high quality, long-lasting equipment. The US-owned company has been around since 1915 and is renowned for the supply of best-in-class products. They now have 10 manufacturing plants located in eight countries around the world, and a research and development facility in Japan. The company's reputation for the supply of trusted tools offering all the latest developmental capabilities is untarnished. Many professionals rely solely upon their tools as they offer minimal levels of vibration and noise, so are a reliable choice when health and safety considerations are paramount.  

If you're in the market for socket sets, the following buyer guide may help inform your decision:

There is a huge range of sets on the market in differing sizes and styles, some may just hold sockets while others feature accessories as well as additional tools, which can be very useful. They may contain sockets or socket bits in a variety of sizes and range from sets containing just 11 or 13 pieces up to comprehensive sets featuring hundreds of different types of socket. Not all these pieces will be sockets, however, some may be accessories, screwdriver bits or even spanners and turning tools. 

It's always useful to have a spanner handy when work entails tightening two nuts at the same time, though, as they can be used to hold one nut in place while the socket is used to tighten the other. Some of the very large sets include storage trolleys or toolboxes but most sets will be supplied in a durable container. If you're considering buying one of the very large sets, think about how portable it will actually be. It's not easy to transport hundreds of sockets around on a consistent basis. 

Small sets are relatively easy to carry around, but they don't always hold the right size socket for jobs needing doing. 

The best way to make any decision about the right set to buy will depend on your current tool collection and the sizes included in the set under consideration. Sockets are available in standard or deep length and metric and imperial sizes. 

If you will only be using metric sockets for work or DIY needs then it makes sense to buy a set which only features metric sockets. And the same can be said if you only make use of imperial-sized sockets. 

If your DIY and trades work entails working on a variety of items you may need both metric imperial sockets, so should opt for a socket set containing a combination of both. 

The drive size of any sockets you buy is determined by the equipment it will be used with. In general half-inch drive size will be suited to most jobs. 

Where your work involves a lot of small or large items, the drive size of your sockets should be suited to this. Although adaptors can be used to give greater flexibility.

Some sets include both standard sockets and impact sockets, but these are rare and tend to hold fewer impact sockets in total. 

Where you tend to work most often on jobs requiring manual sockets, there's no requirement to get an impact set. You should never use manual sockets with impact wrenches, though. 

One of the best ways to build a comprehensive set of impact sockets is to buy them when you need them. If most of your work requires use of an impact wrench, then opting for impact sockets is the decision you need to make. 

Impact sockets can also be used with manual tools, however. 

A set containing socket and screwdriver bits can be very useful, as they offer the ability to increase the types of work that can be tackled. Most of these bits are geared towards professionals, though, so if you only plan to use your socket set for general DIY there's really no need. 

Genuine Makita sockets offer durability, long lifespan and the precise fit needed in any DIY jobs, they are some of the toughest sockets currently on the market, so can be a really good buy. 

We stock the MAKB54645 9-piece socket set and this can be a durable, hard wearing addition to any toolbox. The set features a variety of 1/2" heavy duty, square drive impact sockets in the following sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm and 18mm. It also includes a 1/4" to 1/2" adaptor for added flexibility.

Finding the best tools is a matter of shopping around, but you can always rely on us to provide the best quality tools and accessories at prices that cannot be beaten. Browse our line of tools today for more information and to source the best tools to suit your needs exactly.