To get the most out of your power tools, stock up on a range of Makita accessories so you can be ready to tackle a wider range of jobs and are always be prepared for whatever tasks lay ahead. Within our categories there is a whole host of accessories to choose from; an excellent range of drill bits for drilling and driving screws, as well as bit holders, hole saw accessories, saw blades for specific saw models and socket sets for the ambitious mechanics amongst you. In fact, whatever trade you’re in – plumber, electrician, professional gardener, carpenter or construction worker, all will benefit with the diversity that’s on offer.

Makita Power Tool Accessories

We try to keep as many add-ons in our online store as there is demand for, so we can be your one-stop-shop for everything you’re going to need. There really is no need to shop elsewhere, when choosing your Makita drill set with us - we can supply all the recommended accessories to go with it. And if you’re unsure exactly which parts you need, we are only a phone call away to help you find the right ones.

It’s always best to choose an own-branded accessory over a cheaper counterpart, as these are guaranteed to fit your machine and do the job intended. As a manufacturer, they go to great lengths to ensure all of their power tools are fit for purpose, carrying out many vigorous tests with the accessories attached, so you can have 100% buying confidence in everything you order with us.

You can choose between individual accessories or invest in a makita accessory set, not only will the sets give you plenty more flexibility and choice, they are a much more cost-effective way to shop for your business. Many of thes sets are supplied in a hard-shell case which will aid as a layer protection on a busy worksite. You will often see an inlay inside the box, which holds all the pieces contained, this makes the tradesman’s job far more effective, being able to see and select the right accessory for the job straight away. It also allows you to be superbly organised and prepared for every eventuality.

Combined kits are particularly useful, as they include a good selection of items for a variety of tools and jobs. The P-90532 set is a great example of this, with an unbelievable 227 pieces in total. Wrenches, sockets, drill bits, bit driver, ratchet handles, extension bars - it really has it all, so you can be ready to undergo any job around the home, garage or work place. Everything is neatly coded, so as long as you remember to put in back in the right place, you’ll always be able to work methodically and systematically.

Professionals choose this brand because of what they stand for, they’re not premium because of a price-point, it’s about their wish to give the user the best level of performance they possibly can. This means sourcing the finest raw materials, choosing the right one which is most suited to the tool and the application, offering the best finish and ensuring the part doesn’t wear out too quickly. This is a clever formula they have mastered over the last century, they’ve established firm roots in the industry operating over 100 years.

Whether you have a drilling or screw driving project, wood work or metal work, within this core range of accessories, you’ll be sure to find the right part for the job. Depending on how often you use your power tools, when they start to show signs of wear, we can sell the individual spare blades or makita drill accessories to keep you going for longer. Not only can you replace the parts you are accustomed to using, you can also improve your skill range and explore the operation of your machine, by choosing additional accessories that advance the power tool’s ability. Find out more about the versatility of your tool and discover different accessories with us.

Unlike the P-90532, there is the option to order smaller and more specific sets - such as the B-5464. This is an 8-piece set with eight popular sized impact sockets. These sockets work best in an impact driver or wrench. All of the sets for your power tools are inexpensive and this allows the brand to be accessible to everyone.

So, if you have a saw, sander, drill, driver, SDS, nailer or multi-tool, keep well-stocked of all the extras you’ll need to get the most from your tool. At My Tool Shed, many of our products are available with next-day delivery. Save money shopping with us and you’ll never be without the products you need.