Makita VC3211HX1 H-Class Wet & Dry Dust Extractor


Product Information

The Makita VC3211HX1 H-Class Wet & Dry Dust Extractor is based on Model VC3211M. This product is approved for Dust Class H in accordance with the EU standard. 

Key Features

1050W Motor

Power Take Off Wattage (240V):1900 W, (110V): 600 W

Wet Tank Capacity : 27L

Dry Tank Capacity : 32L

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Product Description

The VC3211HX1 is an H class cleaner and removes 99.995% of dust with Limit Value for occupational exposure > 0.1 mg/m³. It has variable suction power controled by a dial on the front of the cleaner and an automatic self-cleaning filter system achieved by two triple structure filter units composed of Powder filter, Damper and Prefilter. An Air flow sensor beeps when air flow is reduced by clogged filter, full tank etc.

The cleaner features a Flat top design allows double stacked for stable and space saving storage, a stainless steel tank, large rear wheels for added mobility, large bumper protects walls and furniture from bumps and scratches and a caster stopper to prevent the cleaner from moving unintentionally.

Suitable for carcinogenic dusts, and dusts containing pathogens (not suitable for use with Asbestos).

Product Specification

Max Airflow 3.5 m³/min
Max Sealed Suction 22.0 kPa
Tank capacity Dry 32 litres
Tank capacity Wet 27 litres
Noise sound pressure 72.5 dB(A)
Noise K factor 2.5 dB(A)
Input Wattage 1050 w
Power Take Off Wattage (240V) 1900 W
Power Take Off Wattage (110V) 600 W
Net weight 16.9 kg
Type - Body Only Vacuums
Wattage 1000 Watt + Above

What's in the Box

1 x 3.5m x 28mm hose

1 x 2.5m x 38mm hose

1 x Straight pipe

1 x Bent pipe

1 x Floor nozzle

1 x Crevice nozzle

2 x Adaptor

1 x Hose band

1 x Dust bag

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