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JOKARI are a market leader in stripping and dismantling technology for all types of wires, cables, and conductors. They produce professional tools for nearly all application areas in which wires must be processed easily, quickly, and safely.

Their specialist products are fit for purpose and covers a niche range including Wire strippers for special cables or insulation, Automatic Wire Strippers & Precision Wire Strippers. They also manufacture Cable knives to strip the outer insulation from large diameter cables.

With over 45 years of experience, JOKARI are constantly developing innovative solutions for all electrical demands. With more than 80 different tools available to strip wires, their aim is to broaden their product range even further and continually adapt with the ever-changing market conditions.

Renowned by those in the electrical trade, as their reputation grows you can expect to find their products commonplace on more worksites and as handy general tools for Builders. Add yours to your toolbox today, available now from My Tool Shed.