When it comes to restoring, decorating and protecting metal, there is only one brand to choose from and that is the leading specialist metal care brand, HAMMERITE. Although the name HAMMERITE appeared back in the 1960s as a specialist paint used in electrical insulation, it was not until the 1980s that HAMMERITE became a UK DIY household name, with its release of an easy to use and apply metal paint that provided a corrosion-resistant covering to metallic surfaces such as iron and steel.


The performance and ease of use of HAMMERITE paints resulted in an explosion of popularity and the development of a range of metal care paints and treatments that are now sold in over 50 countries, with Hammerite the market leader in the provision of metal care in both the UK and Europe.

HAMMERITE metal paint products are able to provide you with that perfect finish to radiators, garage doors, garden gates and can even be used on vehicles and barbecues, as well as being formulated to provide corrosion protection for eight years. Hammerite paint products are available as brush-on applications or in aerosol form, with options available for application directly onto galavanised or rusted surfaces, with effective and easy to use rust treatments also available.