Specialists in security and tamper-resistant screws, nuts and bolts. Hafren are the experts at creating fasteners and fixings that act as deterrents across a variety of industries. Unlike generic fastenings that are available from hardware stores, they have unique designs that with today’s standard tools, cannot be unfastened. Choosing Hafren for your business gives you that extra peace of mind that whatever you put out into the public sector for example; fencing, street lights, signs, doors, windows etc. they are secure and will be staying put. Unrivalled on the market, this manufacturer have patented all their products so no copy-cats can replicate these unique designs. Each one has been engineered for a smart and clean finish and weather-proof for a wealth of applications.


To give you an idea of the highest levels of security that Hafren are targeting, their ‘Nogo’ enclosure for covering nuts and bolts won the Sold Secure Silver Award and has been approved by the Home Office.

Permanently fixed or removed only with a specialist tool, Hafren make it almost impossible for vandals and thieves to walk away with your assets. Whilst difficult to remove, Hafren provide useful tools to install their fixings and some of their range have been cleverly designed to even work with a standard tool – but only for installation.