GORILLA GLUE is a renowned and leading glue brand that has become famous for its tough and solid hold. The GORILLA GLUE Company’s mission is to make high-quality products that deliver impressive results for any situation.


With more than a dozen glues, adhesives, epoxy resins and tapes available as part of their range, GORILLA GLUE has a product for every requirement. From simple super glue to a no-clamp-needed adhesive that bonds even under water, this world-famous brand is the go to glue for households and tradesmen alike.

The GORILLA GLUE Company’s signature product is an all-purpose adhesive that offers amazing bonding results. In fact, the super strong adhesive is so good, it is able to bond to wood, ceramic, stone, metal and more.Need some tape with more of a hold? GORILLA Tape has taken duct tape to a whole new level, providing double-thick adhesive to make it the toughest tape in the world. With sticking qualities that bond to even the roughest and most uneven surfaces, Gorilla Tape offers a weather-resistant outer layer perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Take a look at our range of GORILLA GLUE products to find out why this impressive adhesive should be your number one sticking option.