ForgeFix FORT30GB212 Twist Nails Sheradised 30mm - Weight 2.5kg


Product Information

These Forgefix Twist Nails are a unique twisted shank nail for attaching metalwork joists, hangers, straps etc. The twisted shank assists in absorbing movement that may occur in construction. They have a sheradised finish for corrosion resistance. This finish is a thermal diffusion process, in which Zinc powder is vaporised and diffuses to the surface of the Twist Nail to form a sacrificial corrosion protective Zinc/Iron alloy coating, thus dramatically increasing the nails' durability.

The Twist Nail is the most popular construction nail used in fixing of joist hangers, restraining straps and Galvanised banding.

Twist Nails Sheradised 30mm Bag Weight 2.5kg

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