For 30 years Faithfull have been manufacturing great hand tools for both trade and DIY. Whilst they may be considered as still relatively new in the tool industry, they remain true to their core company values. Best known for developing quality tools at tradesman standards at affordable and competitive prices. Choosing Faithfull products gives you 100% buying confidence. The majority of their range is covered by a 5 Year Guarantee, if not 10 Years. The level of care and quality control behind each one ensures a long and dependable service life. Their catalogue covers almost every eventuality from hand tools to accessories required for home improvement and commercial settings. From the modest dustpan and brush, all the way to industry standard LED Site Lights. There is something here for everyone.

Faithfull Tools

Filling up your tool box with Faithfull products couldn't be easier with a range that stretches over hundreds of products, from garden tools, tools for those heavy duty tasks and their affordable collection of block planes.

Faithfull Block Planes

Faithfull hand tools complement your own power tools and personal tool kits with those necessary power tool accessories to fit modern machines. A lot of their products are hand crafted with a traditional wooden design, so there's nothing more fitting than getting your tool storage right for your woodworking tools by keeping them safely organised in one of their handy wooden boxes.

The main objective for this brand, is to manufacture tools for all skill levels and whilst this brand is accessible to those working on a smaller budget, their products are made to a high standard. They do not compromise on quality or reliability. A lot of trades become brand-loyal to what they know and have used before, but with these guys, they are a brilliant all-rounder and well-worth taking a punt on. They've been around for a long time, so a lot of the manufacturing processes cross-over from their plumbing tools to their engineering tools, and they have access to a library of materials that give them the ability to keep their costs low.

All of Faithfull’s tools and tool accessories are tested to meet industry regulations and are even backed by a Long Guarantee, so you can be confident that the care and quality control behind each and every product is designed to ensure a long and dependable service.

Faithfull Garden Tools

Tools which may only get use seasonally need to be built well with the right materials, to stand the test of time. Combined with high quality steel and graded wooden shafts their shovels and spades can tackle heavy duty jobs outdoors with ease. Building and demolition tasks are all possible with their exceptionally well-made products.

Appealing to a vast range of trades, from Builders, Carpenters, Decorators, Electricians, Engineers, Gardeners, Mechanics, Plasterers, Plumbers and Woodworkers, there are now over 3,500 products in the catalogue ready to purchase with fast delivery.

So, if you're looking for plumbing tools, woodworking tools or engineering tools, Faithfull have it covered. When you put so much care into your wood shop and own work, it makes perfect sense to have all the necessary tools to keep you running smoothly. Engineers put your faith in the accuracy of their vernier calliper 150mm 6in, even construction workers will be pleasantly surprised with the range of Faithfull heavy duty tools.

This manufacturer covers almost every tool and power tool accessories required for home improvement and in commercial settings. From the modest block plane, all the way to industry standard LED Site Lights. Working on a demanding site has faithfull heavy duty written all over it. Time to fill up your tool kits and tool box, there is something here for everyone!

Faithfull Tool Box

What’s more, they don't just have wooden boxes, they have tool storage for all manner of equipment. The Metal Barn tool box will harness smaller tools like an engineers file 150mm 6in, router bits, auger bits and the roller cabinets are ideal for mechanics ratchets and sockets, whilst the storage bins can be mounted to garages and walls for holding nails and screws. It's a known fact that when you keep everything packed away and organised, you can be ready for the next project ahead.

Faithfull are continuously developing new garden tools, look out for new garden tools this Spring!