Users of DeWalt power tools have already chosen to work smart and now, we have everything you need here to look smart. The advantage of wearing the DeWalt label gives you the opportunity to be proudly associated with a brand who manufacture premium power tools.  Get kitted out with all the best gear. Choose from dewalt clothing, safety footwear, protective gloves, safety goggles and tool belts.

DeWalt Workwear

DeWalt Safety Footwear 

DeWalt safety boots are largely worn by those working in warehouses, workshops or on job sites because they are designed to protect feet around machinery, heavy materials, hot temperatures, water and even chemical spillages. Configured in line with health and safety regulations each pair of boots have their own individual specification to give the user the best indication what levels of protection they can expect from their footwear. 

Steel-toe-caps are a popular feature of the safety boot, as for the majority of these environments, one of the biggest hazards presented is from falling objects as well as steel mid-soles to provide protection from sharp objects laying on the floor. There are other specific requirements in more extreme work places, such as heat-resistance, waterproofing and petrol / chemical resistance.  

Highlights from the safety boots range include the Classic Rigger Boot – these are designed similar to a wellington boot yet are made with a full grain leather. In this instance, DeWalt have teamed up with popular Goodyear brand, who have made a durable welted rubber outsole for the boot, for longer wearing. 

Employers whom have a duty of care, need to provide their workforce with the correct PPE for the risks their business presents. For many, DeWalt boots are the number 1 choice, combining the best bits; comfort, breathability and moisture control with all the safety specs thrown in.

Most of our footwear is available in several colours, dewalt boots black are a first choice with employers all colours are available in a range of UK sizes. We have stocked up heavily on popular sizes like dewalt boots size 9 but for the majority of the range, we have every boot from UK 6 (Euro 39/40) to UK 12 (Euro 47). Check individual products for more information. 

DeWalt Clothing 

Sporting the DeWalt logo in your wardrobe will give you the professional trade nod on the job. With a comprehensive range of dewalt workwear on offer, there is ample choice to get you looking sharp. From gilets, t-shirts, hoodies, socks to dewalt waterproof jackets. Dewalt clothing is perfect for layering and being prepared for all weathers.  

Designed with the tradesman in mind, the fabrics offer both a level of comfort and style. Lightweight and breathable materials are loose fitting for flexible movement, great for the workman who is busy on his feet all day.  

What’s more, they have included a waterproof storm jacket to the collection incorporating storm flaps, to protect you against the elements.  

Most of our workwear is available in popular UK sizes, from Medium to XX Large. Check individual products for more information. 

DeWalt Gloves.  

Many types of manual work require a high level of dexterity with your hands, placing them in a vulnerable position unless appropriately protected. Risks can include cuts and abrasions, burns, hot or cold temperatures, skin irritations from chemicals, vibrations, friction, strain and potentially later-life conditions like arthritis or ligament damage. 

We have introduced a selection of dewalt work gloves designed in conjunction with these hazards. Incorporating considered materials such as leather for long-lasting durability and warmth, as well as extra features to aid protection like padding, gel, latex or even nitrile-coating. With the right gloves, the user can protect themselves in situations like manual lifting, operating heavy machinery or running power tools etc. 

And it goes without saying, if you can work comfortably on the job, you can deliver the best level of performance. 

DeWalt Tool Belts and Aprons

Keeping your hands tools close by, makes light work of the task in hand. DeWalt have introduced a choice of tool aprons and work belts, to do exactly that. Wearing a belt is the easiest mobile solution to transporting tools and is often favoured by sparkys, plumbers or chippys who can select their specific tools for the needs of the job.  

Wearing this tool accessory also gives you the opportunity to be hands-free. This is great news if you need climb a ladder or operate machinery. It’s also a bonus if can carry a selection of tools on your person; like screwdrivers, pliers and strippers, as it’s not always obvious to predict what you’ll need until you see the work and brilliant if you have options. 

Not having to lug out a tool bag, or dig-out a specific size spanner from a box means instant access to what you need, when you need it. Plus, those trades who work in inner cities and don’t drive a van, can commute to and from the job without the headache of carrying a load. 

Adjustable waist bands and various compartments make the apron an appealing choice. One size fits all, so no need to buy twice. Manufactured from strong, durable material with double stitching to take the strain of heavier products and long-term wear, always delivering the DeWalt promise of ‘Guaranteed Tough’.