Stack it, store it and transport it. DeWalt storage have all the solutions to preserve the life of your tools. After all, power tools are an investment and warrant the highest level of protection when not in use. If you purchase any of our larger DeWalt kits, normally kit boxes are included to accommodate the tools supplied. Over a number of years, DeWalt have recognised a growing demand for storage and have built a range of solutions to purchase individually outside of kits.

DeWalt Storage & Trestles

For hand tools and light-weight tools on-the-go, soft storage like totes and tool bags are ideal. However, renowned as a brand for power tools, they have dedicated a lot more resource to building two subsidiary-brands of heavier-duty boxes or modular units (as they often are referenced as). These are known as the DeWalt TSTAK and DeWalt ToughSystem.

What’s the difference between a TStak and ToughSystem?

The most significant feature of the TSTAK is the ability to interlock each box together. For the user, this means you can simply hold onto one handle yet lift or transport 2 or more boxes at any one time, in a range of different configurations. The interlocking system works using side clips that are a feature on every box. Once one is stacked on top, they clip together for a strong and secure hold.

The handles are made from bi-material for comfortable lifting. Of course, if you’re a trade professional with a collection of power tools, you’ll need more than just muscle to transport a few units in one go. There are currently two storage accessories available to transform your TStak tower into a more convenient and portable system.

We recommend you consider using either the cart or trolley; The DeWalt cart available on the market today, is just under 500mm in width and has a maximum weight load of 100kg. The trolley is of a similar size; however, the telescopic handle reaches up to 1m. The trolley operates best on a tilt, supported by two x 7” wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

In addition to the stacking capabilities, another advantage with using the TStak system is having both your tools and accessories organised in one place. With various styles of TStaks available, you can build a personalised storage unit around the needs of a specific job.

A durable polypropylene case applies to all TStak boxes, made to withstand the knocks and bumps, expected when working alongside other tradesman and building materials. But the individual units themselves, have been designed with various trades in mind. Sliding drawers with dividers and removable caps with lids are both useful for small parts and accessories and are most favoured by electricians or plumbers. Drawers can be opened whilst in an upright position, but remain locked if the unit is tipped, preventing objects from falling out.

Larger TStak’s are perfect for carpenters and general builders carrying or storing their power tools. Inside a large unit you can also fit a customisable foam or plastic insert to protect specific tools while in transport.

The ToughSystem, as the name suggests, is a tough storage system. These boxes launched around a similar time to the TStak but are wider in size with longer latches, designed to accommodate a greater load. They also have a higher level of impact protection to the TSTAK and are considered to be the most effective on construction sites and in similar demanding environments. Each unit is made with a 4mm thick reinforced polypropylene plastic casing and a special rubber seal to resist both dust and water jets (IP65) withstanding the most severe weather and jobsite conditions.

ToughSystem units combined with the ToughSystem carrier (essentially a more durable trolley), gives you the ability to safely roll your workshop to the job without the strain of lumbering boxes or making additional trips back and forth to the van. With peace of mind that any falling objects whilst in transport or when stationary, won’t interfere with the tools inside. The wheels of this carrier are slightly bigger to the TStak trolley to help tackle rougher grounds. In addition, the carrier has a central-locking mechanism which secures the individual units to the frame for a much stronger hold.

Regarded as one of the safest boxes on the market offering extreme levels of protection, it’s no surprise they’ve expanded the range to include van racking – incorporating the same lock-mechanism technology, as well as ToughSystem radios, which again resist dust and water jets, so are completely worksite-friendly.  

ToughSystems boxes do also stack on top of each other, but since they don’t contain the sliding drawers and the transport system is different, the stacking feature is most beneficial for saving space and storage.

Regardless of the trade you work in, TStak and ToughSystem’s can help you to be more efficient on the job. If you can save time transporting or finding the tool you need, plus keeping your tools in the best working condition – then essentially, you can save money.