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  1. DeWalt DCP580N 18v XR Brushless Power Planer - Bare Unit

    Max Planing Depth : 2mm

    Max Rebate Depth : 9mm

    List Price £231.60
    Our Price £159.95
    Saving £71.65
  2. DeWalt D26204K 1/4in Variable Speed Combi Plunge & Fixed Base Router

    900W Motor

    Collet : 1/4in + 8mm

    Plunge Capacity : 55mm

    Price £277.68
  3. DeWalt D26500K Heavy-Duty Power Planer

    1050W Motor

    Max Planing Depth : 4mm

    Max Rebate Depth : 25mm

    Price £250.30
  4. DeWalt DWE6005 Variable Speed Laminate Trimmer

    590W Motor

    Collet : 1/4in

    Plunge Stroke : 22mm

    Price £157.13
  5. DeWalt DW680K Power Planer

    600W Motor

    Max Planing Depth : 2.5mm

    Max Rebate Depth : 12mm

    Price £188.38

5 Products

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DeWalt Planers & Trimmers
DeWalt Planers & Trimmers

DeWalt planers and trimmers are the choice of those who want a good quality product that will stand the test of time. DeWalt has a reputation for making better products, so if you are looking for the best, then a DeWalt hand planer is the product for you.

Tradespeople who are in the know will tend to choose products made by this manufacturer. When these power tools are in your van or toolbox, you know that you have the right tool for the job, no matter what may crop up. You can’t always predict what a job may entail, so you can save a good amount of time and money by choosing DeWalt.

Builders, carpenters, door fitters, joiners, floor fitters and many other professional tradespeople will really get their money’s worth out of using a quality planer or trimmer on a day to day basis. Of course, you may be a novice worker or a do it yourself enthusiast who simply wants to buy the right tool and buy it once only. If this is the case, then these trimmers and planers will give you the durability, functions and precision that you need. 

The DeWalt D26500K Heavy Duty Power Planer has a heavy duty high powered 1,050 watts motor that is capable of handling the hardest tasks. The planer can even be used on hard woods and it can cut to a depth of up to 4mm with ease. This unit has a maximum rebate depth of 25mm and its smooth and consistent finish is completed using the 82mm planer width.

Suitable for right handed and left handed people, the planer cleverly gives the option for right or left chip extraction. The main and front handles are rubber coated and this reduces slipping. Three chamfered grooves at the front shoe make easy work of precision fitting jobs. The unit can accurately be set up with 0.1mm marked steps and the planer features a positive stop position. The compact form of this well balanced machine will allow you to perform accurate planing in an efficient manner. 

The included items that are packaged with the DeWalt Heavy Duty Power Planer include a parallel fence, dust extraction spout, chip ejector, rebate depth guide, tungsten carbide tipped reversible blades and a robust heavy duty carry bag. This particular DeWalt planer has rave reviews from previous consumers that highlight just how easy the planer is to set up and use. When you are looking for an exceptionally smooth finish, this is the planer to choose.

There are sevearl benefits of DeWalt planers & trimmers. If you have owned a power tool from this manufacturer before, then you will likely want to carry on buying the very best. The black and yellow branded colour scheme identifies that these tools are DeWalt, which can create a very positive impression on clients or on the rest of the workforce. Simply put, DeWalt tools tend to be the best around when it comes to durability and build quality.

If you are new to a trade or if you are beginning training or an apprenticeship, then it makes sense to buy tools that will last. Inferior products will likely let you down at the worst possible time. This could interrupt your training or cause you to lose face with your first and most important customers. You are best to invest in a highly durable and versatile tool like those found here. You will instantly feel their quality and notice the reliability and precision of the planer or trimmer. You will be proud to show off your yellow and black power planer and gain credibility when it matters most.

From the ergonomic design to the manufacturing and testing of each and every component inside, DeWalt trimmers and planers represent the best that you can buy. These power tools have been made to the highest safety standards and once you start using one, you will question why you haven’t bought these woodworking tools before. 

When you purchase DeWalt planers and trimmers at My Tool Shed, you know that you have made the right choice. You can make your purchase online using any device such as a laptop, computer or tablet. You can do this without leaving the work site and returning to your office, which can be an extremely useful bonus when time is limited. You will also benefit from having a speedy delivery that will put the planer or trimmer you need within your grasp in the shortest amount of time.