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  1. DeWalt DWE7485 Table Saw

    1850W Motor

    210mm Blade

    Max Cutting Height @ 90º : 65mm

    Price £479.99
  2. DeWalt DWE7492 Table Saw + Leg Stand

    2000W - 240v / 1700W - 110v Power

    250mm Blade

    Max Cutting Height @ 90º : 77mm

    Price £849.95

2 Products

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DeWalt Table / Site Saws
DeWalt Table / Site Saws

DeWalt's site saws (known by many as table saws) are the go-to tool for any woodcutter looking to achieve a fast and smooth cut. They are among the most accurate and powerful tools available, as they make it quicker and simpler than ever to complete a construction-related job. However, usage of the site saw is not limited to just professional craftsman; they can be used by anyone. The site saw can perform any job that requires material cutting and sizing, including fitting solid wood flooring, concrete formwork and anywhere in between. The device is unique as it is powerful and robust enough to effectively cut hard, wet or frozen wood.

DeWalt's table/ site saws are the most efficient and portable saws on the market, and the DeWalt DW745 Site Saw weighs just 22kg. They are cheaper than their fixed counterparts and the portability of the tool means that it is easy to transport to any work environment that requires it. DeWalt keeps up-to-date with technological advancements when constructing their products in order to create the most superior products available. Their table saws come fitted with a rack and pinion fence system, which makes it easier than ever to use the tools and adjust the materials you are working on when required. The rack and pinion fence system allow the user to achieve the most accurate of cuts, that are precisely aligned. 

When you make an investment with DeWalt, we want you to get the most out of your money. At the workplace, accidents happen and tools get dropped and damaged, but this is something we want to help with. Our site saw has a steel roll cage in order to reduce the impact of job site drops, meaning that you can continue to love and rely on your fully functioning site saw for years to come.  

Site saws have developed a reputation for being a dangerous power tool and as a result, customers tend to avoid them in favour of a plunge saw or a circular saw. However, it is a mistake to view the table saws as dangerous if they are used correctly. In fact, table saws have come a long way over the years in terms of health and safety and DeWalt has taken every measure possible to produce the safest site saws on the market. 

The device is installed with an overload protection system, which stops the flow of electricity to the saw if there is a fault or if the device begins to overheat. The accompanying mitre fence is the perfect addition to a site saw, as it holds the material in place as you cut through it. This is beneficial for the attainment of a smooth and precise finish, yet it is also important for improving the safety of the user. The mitre fence prevents the material from slipping around the table and potentially causing injury. When customers purchase a table saw, they are also inclined to buy some protective glasses from us to protect their eyes from any debris. 

Customers who have used our site saw often comment on how it is easy to use and how the blade slices easily through materials like a hot knife through butter. These saws come with a 24 tooth series 30 saw blade, the real genius behind the accurate cuts the machine can make. The unique design of the steel blade is what makes it so tough and durable. The carbide tipped spikes are rated a 9/10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, only bettered by a diamond itself.

Customers who searched for a DeWalt Table/ Site Saw also seemed to be interested in the DeWalt table saws with a stand. The saw with a stand is useful for those who need to constantly transport the machine to different parts of a construction site or place of work. This piece of equipment is fitted with heavy-duty wheels, designed to easily roll over an uneven surface. This is useful for when a flat and stable surface isn't available to place a site saw on. Which one you purchase depends on what you need the machine for. Both would make useful and reliable additions to your work kit.  

DeWalt has developed a reputation for producing excellent products. If you are looking for high-grade saws for work or just for your personal tool-kit, DeWalt table/ site saws are guaranteed to be safe and top quality machines that will make it faster and easier to complete your project. Why not browse our range and make an investment in one of our saws today?