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DeWalt Sliding Compound Mitre Saws
DeWalt Sliding Compound Mitre Saws

DeWalt sliding compound mitre saws are ideal for professionals who need to create bevels at any angle. A standard compound mitre saw has a blade that pivots left and right to cut at an angle and tilts in a single direction for cutting bevels. The addition of the sliding feature means that the blade can be moved forward or backwards, increasing the length of cut when required.

Compound mitre saws are generally easy to use, even for the novice. They provide high precision and accuracy, especially when it comes to the potentially awkward task of cutting at angles. Moreover, they provide smooth, high-quality even cuts lacking roughness. 

A sliding compound mitre saw is capable of all the tasks offered by a stationary one but can handle cutting thicker materials to a greater extent. So a sliding saw is good for cutting materials like logs, boards and lumber.

They are available as single or double bevel versions. Dual bevel saws benefit from being able to make compound cuts both to the left and right without you needing to turn your piece of wood over. With a single bevel model, you would have to reset the angle after flipping over your workpiece.

DeWalt DWS780 Slide Compound Mitre Saw & Leg Stand

Whether cutting a small profile or large construction timbers, this is an outstanding performance saw. Its integrated XPS cross cut positioning system allows for adjustment-free accurate cut line indication. Over 75% of dust created is captured by the dust collection system, saving you time when cleaning up. Safety and accuracy are helped by the electric brake system and five adjustable speed settings.

For the professional working in multiple locations, it benefits from easy transport and storage, due to its lightweight and compact design, making it one of the best double bevel sliding mitre saws available. Indeed, many professional carpenters consider it to be the best machine of its type around. In fact, considering that the leg stand is included, there’s not much more that you could expect or ask for. It even has a double-bevel capacity with angles of up to 49° left and right.

DeWalt DWS779 12” Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

As with the DWS780 model, this saw benefits from being built to operate for long periods, as well as having an efficient dust collection feature. It’s suitable for people of all levels, from professionals to DIY enthusiasts, and beginners. The 15 amp motor capacity provides enough power for long tasks. One of the main benefits is the improved visibility and accuracy afforded by the cutline blade positioning system. This adjustment-free feature also has steel dual horizontal rails, a special clamping system and linear ball bearings that all add up to create a high-standard and accurate job result. Overall, it’s a great value saw - especially to get started with.

DeWalt Flexvolt DHS780 Brushless Slide Mitre Saw Kit

Cordless is ideal for locations without a convenient power source, running on two 54v lithium batteries gives a vast level of power to get the job done well. The high quality bearing guide rollers ensure a comfortable and precise cutting guide, with an expanded cutting capacity of up to 330 x 58mm. It has been designed for large-volume use and even has a dust-proof trombone cut-out for the machining of larger work pieces. Overall, its one of the highest rated sliding mitre saws out there.

DeWalt Mitre Saw Stand

To get even more stability and accuracy from your sliding compound mitre saw, consider the DWX723 Heavy-Duty Mitre Saw Stand. Compatible with all mitre saw brands, it’s lightweight, easy to transport and fast to set up. For extra support, take advantage of the legs provided and rest assured that they can be easily folded again to allow for convenient storage. The non-marring feet mean that the stand is even good for use on delicate surfaces where damage costs might be expensive.

Buying DeWalt Sliding Compound Mitre Saws

The above is just a selection of the most popular sliding compound mitre saws provided by DeWalt. Before buying, consider whether you require a corded or cordless model or even one that can be used as both. Would you prefer a double bevel model, or would a single bevel system suffice? Either way, you are guaranteed a piece of equipment that has been researched and designed with your real needs in mind.

Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a professional, DeWalt saws provide the high level of accuracy and safety that you deserve and expect for modern jobs in a wide range of jobsites and environments.