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  1. DeWalt DCG412M2 18v XR 125mm Angle Grinder 4.0Ah Kit

    2 x 4.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries

    No Load Speed : 7,000/min

    Our Price £389.99
  2. DeWalt DWE4206K 115mm Angle Grinder

    1010W Motor

    No Load Speed : 11,000/min

    Anti-Restart Function

    Carry Case Included

    Price £89.99
  3. List Price £275.99
    Our Price £231.29
    Saving £44.70
  4. DeWalt DCG414T2 54v XR Brushless FlexVolt 125mm Angle Grinder 6.0Ah/2.0Ah Kit

    2 x 6.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries

    No Load Speed : 7,000/min

    Electronic Brake

    List Price £563.99
    Our Price £469.99
    Saving £94.00

4 Products

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DeWalt Grinders & Wall Chasers
DeWalt Grinders & Wall Chasers

DeWalt grinders and wall chasers are one of the most versatile and useful tools to own and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. You can purchase your DeWalt wall chaser or grinder here and there is a good choice that enables you to find the right model for you. The range is constantly updated as the manufacturer makes improvements, which means you are always buying the best products with the latest design. You may be a seasoned trade or just starting out and in either case you will find a wall chaser or grinder that represents great value for money.

The DeWalt wall chaser machine can be used to cut narrow grooves into walls or floors. These walls can be made from concrete, stone or masonry. Cutting grooves into walls is a common task and may be needed in order to create a groove for insetting electrical cables or for sinking water pipes, heating pipes or gas pipes into a wall. 

A DeWalt wall chaser typically has two grinding discs, like those in a standard grinder, and these are positioned close to each other and are powered by an electric motor. Grooves can be created up to the maximum width and depth of those stated. You should buy one of the wall chasers here that meets your grooving requirements.

DeWalt grinders, sometimes referred to as an angle grinder, disc grinder or side grinder, can be used for grinding, abrasive cutting or polishing. They are often used by tradespeople and do it yourself enthusiasts who work with metal, tile, stone, concrete or masonry. The DeWalt grinder price closely relates to the grinder's intended function and the maximum grinding disc that it can hold.

Experienced tradesman will likely take their grinder or wall chaser to the job site on a daily basis, along with a variety of different grinding discs. Doing so is good practice and it means that you will have the right tool and disc at hand, whenever it is needed. This saves both time and money and ensures that work is performed to the highest standards.

Home builders and commercial property builders will get their money’s worth out of selecting the best wall chaser tool from DeWalt. Wall chasers from this brand are designed for heavy day-to-day use. If you are a builder and need a good DeWalt grinder, then you will find it here.

Many people who work in a trade will keep using the same high-quality brand. In the case of DeWalt, the tools are easily recognisable, being coloured in both black and yellow. You can continue to buy from this quality brand and enjoy the durability that it is known for. You can get a great wall chaser and know that the tool will stand the test of time, saving you both time and money.

If you are buying for a specific trade, then you will find the right angle grinder or wall chaser that you need with us. You may be a metal worker, plumber, electrician or construction worker and need a specific tool, such as a concrete groove cutter or a metal rebar cutter.

You will find the best selling DeWalt grinders and wall chasers here, with the highest user ratings. When you buy DeWalt you know that you are buying a tool that is durable and will have a long working life. If you are starting out or if you are beginning a training apprenticeship, then now is the time to invest in the right tools. You will save money over the long term by buying a quality machine and be able to work everyday without fear of the the tool letting you down or needing repair or constant maintenance.

Even if you are new to the industry, you will instantly notice the quality feel, ease of use, high end craftsmanship and reliability of these products. You should always choose the highly recognisable yellow and black when buying grinders or wall chasers and you will be proud to get your tools out and begin work. DeWalt makes tools to the highest standards and few other competitors, if any, produce products in the same way.

You can choose your next power tool from the range offered by My Tool Shed. When you select the right grinder or wall chaser, you will appreciate the prompt delivery, which will allow you to get to work or get back to work, in the shortest possible amount of time. Make your online purchase now for the ultimate convenience.