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  1. DeWalt DCD740C1 18v XR Angle Drill 1.5Ah Kit

    1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion Battery

    10mm Keyless Chuck

    List Price £270.00
    Our Price £232.96
    Saving £37.04
  2. DeWalt DCD470N 18v/54v XR FlexVolt Right Angle Core Drill - Bare Unit

    Chuck Capacity : 13mm

    Max Torque : 269Nm

    Concrete Capacity : 152mm

    Wood Capacity : 158mm

    List Price £383.99
    Our Price £359.99
    Saving £24.00

2 Products

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DeWalt Percussion Drills & Angle Drills
DeWalt Percussion Drills & Angle Drills

Whether you are working in construction, plumbing or carpentry and are looking for a heavy duty drill which will hold up well over time, or someone looking to add an easy-to-use drill to their DIY kit at home, DeWalt percussion drills and angle drills are worth looking into. A good drill is the very heart of a good toolkit, and one of the most common power tools for people to own. A drill offers a little more power when it comes to making holes and screwing things together, ensuring a longer lasting job with a professional edge. DeWalt is a brand leader in tools and offers high-quality products at great prices for casual DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike. With excellent prices throughout the collection, a DeWalt drill sale is the first place to look when trying to find the right drill for you.

Corded versus cordless drills

Whatever types of drills a user might be in the market for, they first have to decide whether they want a corded or cordless version. Corded drills have the benefit of being connected to a mains supply throughout their use so that they maintain the same level of power and aren’t likely to run out during a longer job. However, DeWalt cordless drills provide the user with a little more flexibility, so that they can get into trickier spaces without having to worry about pulling the cable out in the middle of a job. Fewer cables in the way also greatly reduces the risk of any accidents, whilst a user can pretty much work anywhere they like with their drill without having to find a power outlet first. However, it is worth bearing in mind that for heavier duty drills, the battery pack on a cordless version needs to be larger and heavier, and this can wear on the arms and wrists when working for a long time with the drill.

What are percussion drills?

Percussion drills are much like cordless hammer drills (one of the most common types of drill) except that with a percussion drill the hammering function cannot be used without the rotation, as it is initiated by the rotating motion. This type of drill is best for heavy duty work as the hammering and rotation enable the user to work with materials such as light concrete and limestone. Percussion drills tend to work a little slower thanks to the hammer motion, so are generally used for light DIY rather than in a trade setting. 

DeWalt percussion drills offer a small and compact percussion drill with a low weight that makes it easier to work with over a longer period of time. These percussion drills offer a very high power to size ratio, ensuring that professional quality matches the ease of use.

What are angle drills?

An angle drill is a small, precise drill, set at an angle, allowing the user to get into very tight spots, and behind things such as joists and beams that would otherwise be inaccessible. Angle drills are usually used by plumbers, carpenters and other tradespeople to allow them to do more accurate work.

DeWalt angle drills boast a multi-grip rubberised handle for ease of use and comfort, and so that the user can operate the handle from various positions. Featuring all-metal gearing and right angle transmission, DeWalt angle drills also enjoy longer battery life and efficient power transference.

Questions to ask when choosing a drill

You may wish to go through DeWalt drills in B&Q or test out DeWalt drills in Screwfix before you make a final decision on what unit is right for you, even if you decide to shop online. Here are some of the questions to consider:

What do I need the drill for? 

For general DIY around the house, percussion or cordless combi hammer drills may be the best choice for you. For more precise work, look into angle drills.

What materials am I working with? 

Heavy duty work on harder materials will require a more powerful drill (18-20v), whilst lighter work can use a smaller drill. For a general tool that can be used all over the house, DeWalt drill set deals offer combination kits with the main battery pack accommodating a variety of different tool heads.

Is it comfortable? 

Try out a drill unit before you decide that you are going to keep it, holding it in your hand to see if it fits comfortably and you can reach all of the controls with ease. Some powerful drills can be very weighty and may feel unbalanced and this could cause problems when working over longer time periods. Heavier units will also put a strain on your arms over time.