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  1. DeWalt DCD796P1 18v XR Brushless Combi Drill 5.0Ah Kit

    1 x 5.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

    2-Speed Motor

    15 Adjustable Torque Positions

    List Price £179.99
    Our Price £158.99
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  2. DeWalt DCD796M1 18v XR Brushless G2 Combi Drill 4.0Ah Kit

    1 x 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

    Brushless Motor

    15 Adjustable Torque Positions

    LED Work Light

    List Price £173.94
    Our Price £149.99
    Saving £23.95

2 Products

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DeWalt Combi Hammer Drills & Drill Drivers
DeWalt Combi Hammer Drills & Drill Drivers

There's a difference when it comes to combi, impact and drill drivers. A combi drill performs a wide variety of functions and typically comes with a hammer function which will give it an impact force as well as a rotational force, allowing you to drill into masonry and concrete. However, if drilling into masonry, please ensure that you are using the appropriate drill bit to get the most out of your power tool. You should also consider using a slower speed setting if your task requires a higher amount of torque.

The benefits of a combi drill, are that they can be used for drilling masonry, metal, wood and many more materials. They work as a drill, driver or a hammer and are typically more robust than a drill driver. Power drills can be used for a wide variety of functions, and knowing the tasks you will be using them for beforehand will certainly help you narrow down which drill is best for you. If you're unsure then a combi drill could be the best option due to the versatility. 

No tool kit would be complete without a cordless combi drill, due to the versatility of the tool. Many people have a corded drill somewhere in their house or tool kit, but a cordless combi option will open up so many more possibilities for you. Allowing you to fix DIY problems and to assemble furniture effectively, a cordless combi drill is most certainly a necessity, you just need to decide which option is best for you and the demands of your job.

There are many options out there when it comes to drills, but a combi drill is perfect if you're required to drill into tougher materials such as metals or concrete. Whilst being able to cope with the more demanding tasks, a combi drill will still be able to handle your simpler tasks of rotating screws into furniture for instance. Whilst a hammer drill will be able to handle the harder tasks more effectively, a combi drill is a more ideal all-rounder. 

A combi drill will often provide you with three speeds (low, medium and high). You should use lower speeds for high torque tasks such as screw driving and higher speed settings for applications such as drilling wood or metal. When purchasing a combi drill, it's better that you take a look at how it's made as you'll want it to be robust, you should purchase one with a metal chuck or metal gearbox.

When looking for hammer and drill drivers you can count on, DeWalt is the way to go. One of the leading power tool brands, DeWalt hammer and drill drivers are ideal for both professional tradesmen and amateur DIY types. They make a high number of power tools, meaning it's easy to decide for yourself which is the best tool for you and the particular job. 

DeWalt is known for making reliable and durable tools, making them a highly impressive investment from the off and their range will always see you right throughout any job you may face. A combi hammer and drill driver will allow you to perform a wider range of jobs with just one tool, and DeWalt have a wide range to choose from. 

DeWalt combi drills come with XR lithium ion technology which guarantees an even longer run time on a charge. When choosing your ideal driver, you need to look at the voltage to ensure you're making the ideal choice for you - and DeWalt combi drills come in a wide range of voltages, giving you more choice. 

One of the best DeWalt combi hammer drills is definitely the 18 volt DCD785 XR. The powerful tool offers you a 350-watt motor and can deliver you with up to 2000 RPM. This drill is capable of just about any drilling task you can throw at it, and being available as part of a kit means you can get even more value for your money. The drill features a hard torque of 60 NM and a soft torque of merely 23 NM. The beats per minute impressively reach 34,000 which makes it a robust machine capable of all of the tasks you demand of it. 

Using varying technologies to maximise efficiency and the durability of the tools, DeWalt combi hammer and drill drivers will give you the satisfaction from your tools that you have always craved. After all, many tradesmen and women have long sworn by "the Yellow and Black".