Explore DeWalt power tools here at My Tool Shed. Famous with their yellow and black colour, they are regarded as one of the market leaders in the construction industry. Originating from the USA, they are the number one choice for power tools in North America. With a significant range of equipment available to buy here in the UK, their vast portfolio captures both the imagination of the DIY enthusiast and meets the tougher demands of the most serious professional.

DeWalt Power Tools

The right tool for the job at hand can always be found in the DeWalt range, with machines both specific to trade and versatile for every tradesman. Each new innovation and design is passed along the production line and right at the heart of that line are the tradesman themselves, who provide valuable insight and experience as to how the tools should perform and deliver.

All of these products undertake rigorous testing in harsh work site conditions. This process of strict manufacturing ensures they have absolute confidence in all of their products before they launch for sale. Being sure everything they produce is made for the job intended, has evolved into the strapline ‘Guaranteed Tough’, of which they certainly are.

At My Tool Shed we value quality brands and strive to give you the biggest choice of DeWalt tools and accessories. Whatever you’re looking for, with us, we have almost every model number available, ready in most instances, for Next Day Delivery. You can browse through a variety of dewalt drills, dewalt radios, dewalt impact drivers and many more. Not only do we stock a full range, we also offer exclusive kits, cheap dewalt tools sold individually as bare units and dewalt batteries to complete your tool box.

So, which trades do their tools suit best? They actually tick every box! Carpenters can enjoy accurate cuts and cleaner edges with specialized saws including mitre saws, jigsaws and circular saws. For speed and greater productivity, there are also cordless finishing nailers available, firing up to 4 nails per second!

Skilled landscapers can achieve professional results with the best cordless garden tools. Free from the restraints of a power cord, they’re designed to perform in the hard-to-reach places. Often lighter than you would expect, with enough power and runtime to complete the task. Choose from lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, strimmers and blowers.

Construction workers, general builders, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, metalworkers. Each will find something in the DeWalt’s extensive collection to make their job easier. Whether it’s delivering more torque, accuracy, versatility or simply more power. Whatever the trade, they’re built to tackle any job.

Always staying ahead of the game, you’ll find few manufacturers who are as committed to improving on their existing technologies and the efficiency of their tools, as this brand are.

In recent years, they have introduced several new cutting-edge technologies to their range. They have discovered a powerful combination when applying a power tool featuring the new Brushless dc motor with their Xtreme Runtime (XR) li-ion batteries. All of the latest models in the DeWalt 18v tools family now include the brushless motor. How the motor operates ensures cooler running, more efficiency and up to 57% more runtime compared with the standard brushed motor.

With greater run time between charges, you can achieve an even longer period of usage when this is paired with the Xtreme Runtime (XR) li-ion batteries. Whether you’re drilling or cutting, a high capacity battery runs for longer. In fact, the XR Battery has 33% more capacity than standard 18v batteries.

Linking a smart phone to your DeWalt tools is also an intelligent way to manage and control your cordless collection. With the simple application of a DeWalt Bluetooth slide battery, this allows you to link the tool to your device using the dedicated ‘Tool Connect’ App. The benefit of using this app, enables the user to locate all of their tools, check the battery life of each component and disable the tool from working, just with the click of a button – perfect for large contractors who are managing a workforce and their own gear.

Every year DeWalt continually impress their loyal fans and attract new customers, with innovations that solve problems. They are committed, as a brand, to listen to their users and find solutions for everyday tasks.

When the XR FlexVolt battery was announced in 2016, it promised to be an even greater step in the evolution of power tools, a step many had been waiting for.

What is XR FlexVolt? XR FlexVolt is the world’s first convertible battery. It’s a dewalt 54v battery built to serve a new growing Dewalt FlexVolt range of heavy-duty cordless tools. The types of tools you normally would expect to find on a construction site that work the toughest materials on the most demanding jobs. A powerful battery is a game changer. If a mains power source is scarce, or the user needs to move the tool around on site, FlexVolt provides that freedom without compromising on power.  But it’s important to note, that this is not just a 54v battery, it is convertible. This means it can power any of the XR 18v range of cordless tools, so you only have to buy once.

Most power tool kits come in a protective storage box. This not only provides a secure housing to keep your tools safe from knocks and bumps, their TSTAK and ToughSystem boxes offer a stackable system. With two or more, you can interlock the boxes together for ease of transport and storing away.

With us you’ll find excellent value kits and a category dedicated to body-only units to fully customise with a dewalt build your own kit, all our products are available at our lowest prices so you can keep hold of your profits. Once purchased, the dewalt warranty will give you further peace of mind. You can even extend the 1 year guarantee to 3 years, simply by registering your tool online at MyDewalt.