Anyone in the building or joinery trade will know that having the right measuring equipment is essential during any job. Tape measures have traditionally been adequate for gaining approximate measurements of distances; however, to ensure the utmost precision, the professional will undoubtedly opt for the laser measurer. DeWalt lasers levels and measurers are the go-to tools for anyone involved in manual trades such as building, joinery, carpentry, architecture, surveying, estate agency and many more. The uses for an accurate measuring tool – to the millimetre – can only be fulfilled through the latest laser equipment. DeWalt, the firm favourite among tradespeople from a range of professions, has a selection of lasers and measuring machines capable of measuring variable distances – far greater than the capacity of a tape measure or other manual tools.

DeWalt Lasers & Measuring

DeWalt lasers levels and measuring tools are built to be easy to transport to various jobs. With a simple handheld design, the DeWalt distance measurers are small enough to carry in a regular brief case or backpack, yet are large enough to feature a digital screen, which displays the measurement of distances up to tens of metres long. 

One of DeWalt’s most popular laser distance measurers has an impressive range of up to 50 metres, and also has other handy features such as a backlit display, which gives it optimal visibility in all working conditions. Like other DeWalt models of measures, it features extra large buttons for ease of use – ensuring quick and clear measurements of a variety of spaces. Furthermore, accuracy can be guaranteed to the 1.5mm. 

Traditionally, when manually measuring distances, workers would have had to take each reading and record it by pencil. However, DeWalt laser measuring tools now come equipped with memory, so that you can store a certain amount of measurements. These start with a five-reading memory, but more advanced models allow you to record more measurements in one go – so that you never have to take out your pencil and paper again!

DeWalt recognises that, for many professions, a tough working environment is the norm. That is why its DeWalt handheld laser measurers have been built to withstand all the drops, scrapes and bumps that are inevitable on a busy job site. Each device is cased in robust housing, with protective rubber around the edges to ensure that you can go on using your device for years to come. The tools are also fully water and debris resistant, meaning that even if you drop your device into the water, it will continue to work and will continue to remember stored measurements. 

DeWalt’s distinctive black and yellow branding isn’t just desirable because of the brand’s reputation; the bright yellow casing makes the measurer easy to spot, reducing the risk of it becoming misplaced or lost on job sites. DeWalt is a name that is arguably unrivalled when it comes to laser measuring tools. The brand has a loyal following among the architecture, building and construction industries, where accurate measuring is an essential part of the job.

However, it is not just the professionals that turn to DeWalt for fulfilling everyday measuring tasks; a brand that is high-quality yet affordable is just as popular among savvy consumers as it is with the trade. DeWalt’s accessible prices and range of popular handheld measurers make it a go-to brand for those simply looking to carry out every day measuring tasks at home. Whether you are looking to work out the area of a room, planning for a home extension, or are measuring up for a new kitchen or bathroom installation, DeWalt’s laser levels measuring equipment ensure the best accuracy – much more so than just using a tape measure.  

Furthermore, DeWalt’s laser distance measurers now have the ability to calculate volume and area in each room. This means less opportunity for errors, taking away the need for manual calculations. The intelligent tools can even use the Pythagoras theory to measure and calculate distances when one or two points are not available for measurement through linear.

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