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popular DeWalt FlexVolt products

  1. List Price £169.20
    Our Price £78.95
    Saving £90.25
  2. DeWalt DCV584L 54v / 18v XR FlexVolt Wet & Dry Vacuum - Bare Unit

    DeWalt 54v XR Battery Compatible

    Wet Tank Capacity : 7.5L

    Dry Tank Capacity : 7.5L

    List Price £232.80
    Our Price £139.99
    Saving £92.81
  3. DeWalt DCS520T2 54v XR Brushless FlexVolt Plunge Saw 6.0Ah/2.0Ah Kit

    2 x 6.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries

    Max Cut Depth @ 90º : 55mm

    Max Cut Depth @ 45º : 40mm

    2 x 1.5m Guide Rails Included

    List Price £964.80
    Our Price £639.95
    Saving £324.85
  4. List Price £134.40
    Our Price £29.99
    Saving £104.41
  5. List Price £258.00
    Our Price £119.99
    Saving £138.01
  6. List Price £217.20
    Our Price £98.99
    Saving £118.21
  7. List Price £453.00
    Our Price £168.95
    Saving £284.05
  8. DeWalt DHS780T2 54v XR Brushless FlexVolt Slide Mitre Saw 6.0Ah/2.0Ah Kit

    2 x 6.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries

    305mm Blade

    Capacity @ 90º : 303mm x 110mm

    Built-In Job Light

    List Price £1,413.60
    Our Price £899.99
    Saving £513.61
  9. List Price £292.80
    Our Price £109.99
    Saving £182.81
  10. List Price £549.60
    Our Price £329.99
    Saving £219.61
  11. List Price £549.60
    Our Price £279.95
    Saving £269.65
  12. List Price £282.00
    Our Price £219.95
    Saving £62.05

Displaying 1-12 of 42 Products

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DeWalt FlexVolt
DeWalt FlexVolt

Nothing quite compares to the revolutionary new FlexVolt technology, pioneered by DeWalt. A range of 54v power tools that offer runtime and performance unlike anything that has been seen before. With this superior level of unprecedented power from a new style of battery platform, heavy-duty construction work can now be carried out by professional tradesman without the need for mains power.

What are the advantages of the Dewalt FlexVolt range? Let’s start with the battery. Firstly, there are currently two types of batteries available; the 6.0Ah and the 9.0Ah, both are labelled as dual voltage - 54v and 18v. This is because FlexVolt is a convertible battery and it even works as backwards convertible. Simply slide the battery on to any of your dewalt 18v xr power tools and feel the difference. The ‘Ah’ is higher than what we have been accustomed to, therefore, particularly in lower draw tools such as drill drivers, you’ll experience unbeatable runtime.

Time for a change of mindset. Now with this same battery, apply it to any of the ground-breaking Dewalt 54v flexvolt tools and the voltage will immediately amplify. You have to forget how these tools operated before and focus, as the 54v demonstrates it has the power to drive extreme construction equipment and deliver outstanding performance.

This incredible advance in technology has been described as the ‘game changer,’ as tradesman are realising the potential of complete cordless convenience, something they haven’t seen before from this type of tool.

For the contractor, roofer or construction worker, there are no limitations to where they can work or even how high! Productivity will also increase as fewer trips are required to-ing and fro-ing back to your equipment.

When FlexVolt was first introduced they unveiled a small a selection of dedicated FlexVolt tools to take advantage of the world’s first convertible battery. There is a dewalt 54v circular saw, a dewalt flexvolt chop saw, an angle grinder and a table saw. These power tools warrant the need for a cordless solution, quite bulky in size and difficult to manoeuvre, particularly a corded grinder. Since this moment, the range continued to grow with a new series of high-performance outdoor equipment including a Grass Trimmer, Blower and Chainsaw. Now professional landscapers can work with these cordless tools without worrying about runtime or having enough power.

Something new in the tool industry creates a big impression with its captive market and a stir around its’ competitors, who will be trying to copy it. But, as with all of DeWalt’s innovations, Flexvolt is a patented design and their technology remains unmatched.

Don’t worry, this change in technology doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your kit. The FlexVolt battery is convertible with 18v xr, so you can use it with both of types of products. It will also charge in an 18v charger, although this may take a little longer.

If you invest in a dewalt 18v 6Ah battery then you can choose from our excellent range of flexvolt bare tools to get you started. Bare units are a far cheaper and more cost-effective route for battery and charger owners. Another option, if you want a faster charger, is to buy one of the dewalt Flexvolt kits, that way you’ll have both an interchangeable dewalt flexvolt battery and charger. The charger will also charge your 18v batteries and works at a far more rapid pace on both voltages.

Now is the time to add FlexVolt to your portfolio. Over a short period of time, DeWalt have introduced a series of 54v machines and it’s evident they aren’t done yet! Innovators, it’s in their blood to strive for the biggest and best. Cordless is the new benchmark for power tools and as the demand for this supreme level of power grows the brand are unstoppable.

Notoriously tradesman are grafters, they work long unsociable hours and sometimes the work isn’t always as creative or enjoyable as they desire. But working cordless CAN make a difference. Craftsman have the freedom to can explore every inch of their work without the restraints of a cord. Contractors can cut materials and use them in the same room, without having to worry about locating a power source elsewhere. For many, FlexVolt has opened their eyes to new possibilities. They understand the ‘Power of Corded, Freedom of Cordless,’ and want a part of it. To explore new levels of power, work for longer and work effortlessly.