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  1. DEWALT DT70727 Black & Gold HSS Drill Set 14 Piece

    Buy any mix of 3 DeWalt Sets with this text included, get a DeWalt Caddy worth £29.99 Free of Charge!

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Displaying 1-12 of 53 Products


DeWalt Metal Drilling
DeWalt Metal Drilling

From DIY and home improvements to demanding site and contract work, DeWalt metal drilling products are all about exceeding expectations and maximising performance. While maintaining the endurance and design features required for trade users, DeWalt metal drilling products are exceptionally easy to use for smaller, less intense tasks in the home too.

DeWalt's metal drilling product portfolio offers a wide range of configurations and options that can cover every metal drilling job imaginable. From lightweight, portable drills that are suited for thinner metals, all the way to heavy-duty corded drills designed for creating holes in denser metal used in fixtures and building materials, even the most demanding tasks can be managed by Dewalt drills and accessories.

As well as a choice of drills in different voltage and wattage depending on the amount of power required, users can also benefit from specialised metal bits and bit sets. Available in a variety of widths and capabilities, drilling holes of different diameter and through even the toughest metals is made easy with DeWalt bits.

Each DeWalt drill and accessory produced is tried and tested to the point where it can be relied on by the professionals, with design features that come from real-life heavy-duty usage. As well as using the best materials available, DeWalt metal drills are designed to perform in the harshest conditions possible, and won't fail when the going gets tough. DeWalt take the time to speak to over 20,000 tradesmen and women around the world each year, ensuring that their needs, opinions and suggestions help to improve products and accessories even further.

DeWalt has become a recognised and trusted brand, building a reputation for quality and durability over the best pa. The initial company goal was to reduce labour costs by creating heavy machinery that could handle difficult and specific jobs, and that overall goal hasn't changed. DeWalt still focuses on creating products that make life easier for the user, by reducing the amount of physical effort that goes into construction. With the release of portable electric drilling in 1992, the capability of DeWalt's metal drilling designs was enhanced even further, turning it into one of the world's best construction equipment providers today.

For cordless metal drilling, power is measured in voltage, whereas corded models use watts. The higher the voltage and wattage, the more powerful the drill will be. This choice of power allows users to opt for the right tool required for the job. Less powered drills won't be able to handle denser metals but will be more versatile and portable. More powerful drills, on the other hand, will make light work of even the toughest metals and are designed for heavy-duty users, such as steel erectors or site engineers.

When it comes to translating that power to the bit, DeWalt drills rely on gearing systems. Cheaper, light-use drills will often use one gear, whereas DeWalt metal drills will have two. The benefit here is that more power can be transferred to the drilled surface, and will ensure less wear on the drill itself over time by not overworking a smaller gear.

Some of the most popular DeWalt metal drill products include:

Drill drivers - used for generic drilling, including thinner to medium thickness metals

Hammer drills - powerful drills with a hammering action, suited to masonry but will handle certain metals

Rotary drills - heavy-duty, powerful drills that make light work of even the thickest metals

Rotary hammer drills - the same power, with hammer function

Percussion drills - more power, less hammering action for control

Picking the right drill for the job is down to you, but once you've decided on the best option, it's time to get the right accessories. For DIY tasks and thinner metals, a general drill bit makes sense, but for thicker metals and professional construction jobs, you'll need to pick the right bit for the job. Opting for drill bit sets will ensure you have a range of bits depending on both the size of the hole you'll need to make, and the thickness of the metal, plus you'll be able to handle other building materials using the same drill by having more options.

If you're purchasing a cordless drill, then it's definitely worth getting extra batteries. Just because your drill needs to recharge doesn't mean a break in work, and with XR technology batteries, your drill will last longer than ever before. You can even charge your spare as you work with a portable battery charger.

In addition to DeWalt metal drilling equipment, DeWalt also provides a huge range of workwear, attachments, accessories and even a heavy-duty smartphone designed to withstand the rough and tumble of any building site.