Whether you’re performing some home improvements or working on-site, DeWalt offers reliability and performance that won’t just meet your expectations but exceed them. These products are engineered for the trade while remaining easy enough to operate and control for DIY tasks around the home. With a huge product portfolio, you’ll be certain to find the right DeWalt Drill Bits and Sets for all your needs.

DeWalt Drill Bits & Sets

From portable, lightweight drills to heavy-duty devices packed with power, you can rely on this tried-and-tested company to fulfil your construction needs. You can expect to find corded drills, cordless drills, ½” to 3/8” variable speed drills and stud-and-joist drills in a range of voltages/wattages. Each drill bit set is designed with unique features which ensure it meets the requirements of the specific environments and applications of the customer.

These products are tried, tested and trusted by professional tradesmen, and have been manufactured to perform even in the harshest possible conditions. These tools have earned the right to be labelled “guaranteed tough” – and that’s testimony from millions of real users around the world. The company speaks face-to-face with over 20,000 tradespersons every year during every single phase of product development, meaning that these tools are designed and manufactured by construction professionals, for construction professionals.

As a company in business for the best part of a century, it’s safe to say that DeWalt know their tools, and the firm consistently delivers game-changing lines of portable electric power tools and associated accessories designed for tradespersons and contractors, which over the years have helped cement its reputation as one of the finest purveyors of profession construction equipment in the world.

For cordless devices, the power is measured in voltage; corded models are measured in watts. The higher the voltage/wattage, the more powerful the device. While it stands to reason that cordless drills might pack less power, they are generally versatile and lightweight enough to carry around in the works van or simply keep stored in the toolbox, and always ready to provide peak performance when you require it the most. Corded models provide much greater torque and power, making them the ideal choice for frequent, heavy duty drilling on large construction projects.

To understand how a drill works is to understand how gears help a car to function. For general, light-drilling purposes (like drilling into wood), one gear is enough. However, if you intend to use your device for driving screws, it makes sense to opt for a model with a second gear. Drills with further gears are typically used for professional purposes, such as drilling into masonry or concrete.

Some of the most popular types of drill include:

• Drill drivers – these devices are useful for generic construction tasks
• Hammer drills – these offer a hammering action in short, rapid thrusts to help pulverize brittle materials like plasterboard, ensuring that it is easier to drill with less effort.
• Rotary drill bits – these products are useful for drilling into masonry. With the right drill bit and a high-quality rotary drill, making holes in brick and concrete is nearly as easy as drilling into wood.
• Rotary hammer drills – these combine the features of rotary drills and hammer drills for versatility and easy drilling
• Percussion drills – these are like rotary hammer drills, except the hammering action is imitated by the rotation of the drill chuck.

Once you’ve chosen the right tool for the job, it’s time to think about getting the appropriate accessories and drill bits. For DIY tasks, it might make sense to opt for a general-purpose drill bit, but if you’ve got a more specific job or professional construction project to complete, you might want to opt for a specialised glass, tile, wood or masonry drill bit. Drill bits are also available for tasks like creating a large hole to place a flue from a boiler, or to drive specific types of screw into place.

If you’re using a cordless drill, it’s a good idea to opt for a battery with XR technology. These high-capacity batteries require less charging and last for longer, ensuring you’ll never run out of power at a crucial moment – and in case you do, why not play it safe with a spare battery or portable charger which can get you back on the job as quickly as possible.