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  1. DeWalt DT3733XJ Diamond Tile Blade

    To Suit D24000 Tile Saw

    254mm Diamond Blade

    For Soft Tiles & Ceramics

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    Our Price £48.44
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DeWalt Tile Saw Blades
DeWalt Tile Saw Blades

DeWalt tile saw blades are renowned for their long life and high quality. There is a selection of different tile saw blades, each suited to a different purpose. The latest technologies and innovations are employed in their manufacturer, attesting to the fact that you will always get the best saw blade from the DeWalt brand. The range includes items that are suitable for both wet and dry tile and stone cutting.

Selecting the right brand is crucial if you are starting out. You should start as you mean to go on and buy the best tile saw blade for the job. Doing so will mean that you get a product that will last and this makes plenty of sense when considering your ongoing budget for tools and parts. You should be aware that this line includes saw blades that last up to four times longer than standard blades and the blades often cut much faster and with greater accuracy than standard blades.

Experienced tradespeople know that having the right blade for the cutting job is essential. With this in mind, you will find that many trade professionals will have a selection of saw blades, ready to tackle whichever material needs cutting. Of course, it is impossible to know exactly what blade is needed until the job begins, so it really does make sense to carry the different blades in your toolbox. This will save you a great deal of time and for most trades, time equals money.

Builders and construction workers will be looking to get their money’s worth out of a tile saw blade. They will be using the items during their day-to-day jobs and will most likely need to have a tile saw blade for tile, masonry, stone and glass. For tile, masonry and stone, a blade with a thin kerf helps to keep dust down to a minimum, while increasing the cutting speed as less of the material is cut away. The high performance diamond matrix design used in these blades ensures durability and chip free cutting. 

For glass tiles, a DeWalt tile saw blade with a dense mix of diamonds works to reduce tile breakout and chipping. The ultra tension plate reduces vibration and this will help you to cut straight.

These cutting blades are shipped in the appropriate packaging to keep them damage free during the delivery process. Once you have your tile saw blades, you should keep them together in your toolbox on site or in your van, so that you know you will always have the tight tool at hand. 

Many tile cutters or stone cutters will keep using the same brand. This is true for DeWalt because they are widely recognised for their quality and long life. The blades are easily recognisable in their black and yellow branded colours. The black and yellow complements other tools from this manufacturer and when used together, they present a professional image that ensues trust in the company or individual carrying out the work.

Trade specific workers might decide to carry only the saw blade for the medium that they work with most often. However, many trade specific workers still choose to carry a variety of blades for different mediums, as you truly never know what unexpected material might need cutting during a job. This rings true for tile cutters, plumbers and metal workers, along with many other different types of trades.

The best selling and most popular DeWalt tile saw blades are available here and they are highly rated. You should choose from this range if you are looking for a durable product that will stand the test of time. If you are starting an apprenticeship or other training, then it will put you in good standing as you learn your craft. Over the long term, you will save money and find your craft easier to learn when you choose from this range of tile saw blades.

Those that are new to the industry will notice the reliability of the tools of their colleagues, who are already likely to be using parts from this manufacturer. They will be proud to show off these tools which are recognised for their quality and ease of use. Few other manufacturers make tools to these standards. You should look out for the XP denotation when choosing a part because this signifies the Extended Performance of the part.

You can purchase your DeWalt XP4 blade or a DeWalt 4.5 diamond blade at My Tool Shed today.