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  2. List Price £13.58
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  5. Bostitch F33PTSM Pneumatic Paper Tape Framing Nailer

    Operating Pressure : 4.8 - 8.3 BAR

    Fires 50mm - 90mm Nails

    List Price £416.96
    Our Price £275.27
    Saving £141.70
  6. List Price £112.62
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Displaying 1-12 of 52 Products

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BOSTITCH have been making tools since 1896 when they began producing treadle operated wire stitching machines used in the manufacturing of books. Today Bostitch makes a full range of fixing, fastening tools and accessories, including staple guns, nail guns and other specialist fastening systems.

We supply a range of Bostitch tools, including:


Bostitch are the gold standard for professional nailing machines. They manufacture a range of nailers for commercial use including coil nailers, stick nailers, finish nailers and flooring nailers. All Bostitch nailers are designed with impact-resistant canisters for added durability and comfort during use.


Bostitch staple guns are available in light, medium and heavy-duty formats suitable for commercial and industrial use. All Bostitch staplers are precision engineered with steel nose plates and easy grip handles making them durable and comfortable to use for prolonged periods. Bostitch nailers can be supplied in either gas or compressed air versions, so it's easy to find a model that suits your environment.

Specialist tools

The Bostitch range of specialist tools includes Spenax C-Ring, D-Ring, Hartco, Corrugated Fasteners and Coil Clip Systems. These tools are useful for a range of applications in both industrial and commercial environments. Specialist tools are available in manual and compressed air versions which are suitable for industrial and manufacturing applications.